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Parents are asking the Kent Board of Education to intervene and improve the school’s grading policy, claiming that changes implemented this year are detrimental to student learning.
Parent Melissa Woodin was one of several parents who attended the Jan. 10 meeting of the board. Others submitted letters to the board with similar concerns outlined. Woodin asked the board to consider her letter submitted. Grades from the first trimester at Kent Center School were posted before the holiday break and a number of parents believe there are problems.

The new grading system at the school specifies that there will be no zeroes given for academic grades, “work habits will not be included as part of academic grades;” “achievement grades will be based on summative assessments” and “retakes will be offered for summative assessments that do not meet standard (below 70 percent).” Parents report that there is not consistency among all the teachers in how this is being administered. Woodin’s letter states her concerns that the grading system “does not prepare them for public or private secondary school. This grading practice does not build or support homework or classroom skills,” she wrote. She also said it does not allow for different learning styles for students.

Teachers are not permitted to give Ds or Fs to students any longer. Instead, students may receive a “Not Yet Proficient” instead of a grade.The changes have shown an significant increase in the number of students earning honor roll status, according to Principal Florence Budge. “Our honor roll was more stringent,” Budge explained.


  1. Going thru many different changes in my life, and even thru the years at one job,many policies were changed. You do them long enough and learn them you’ll see they will work. Of course how well and for how long.There is one thing that didn’t change at all, and that is the MEARIT System…( this of course is not the way in a UNION base job which is a Socialist base way of slackers getting payed for below standards of expectation and keeping their job). As much help as needed for the lower elementory grades. But I believe we must ween the students off this system in place by 7th grade and the 8th graders be prepared for the high school were this is it, your last chance into the real world. You fail, not to meet expectations and what happens? Your not a team member in sales or production, what happens. You steal co-workers ideas, or production to make your work look good, what happens? We all know you failed,your unemployed. How are we teaching our students real life skills by over and over bow beating them into brainwashing them into remembering the answer? Honestly look at just bring back Wood Shop, has it eased some tensions and boosted morale some degree? The Teachers at Region One from what I have seen are Paramount in their field, they know from everyday contact how or what the differences are that are needed for many students struggling. I could not sit in a class for a long period of time reading a book on “ZOMBIES”.Perhaps a hands on class, Wood, Metal, Lab, cooking, gym. Preparing students for real life job work ethical ways is top of the list in success beyond the doors of any High School. Catch 22, work at it long enough and it may work…If it isn’t,,,you’ll only be doing the something over and over with no respectable gains or success. After all, a successful way maybe steering you right in the fave from pass experience. There are all bright ideas in each and every educator there. A plan for the coming year in my mind if a meeting of all educators and administrators to compromise in a timely way by first week of July lesson plans for a better prepared student in society. Good old vote of 51% wins, all must accept it. Think of the education all those teachers have better themselves on thru the years, and the uncertified teachers in all the private schools surrounding us. Who would you trust to come up with a better learning plan? Let the teachers do what they do best;;;;;TEACH!!! Myself,,,,I wouldn’t be so hell bent on raising my numbers for the state……I would be hell bent on providing a better learning experience for my students to want to come to school with a better vision for a future. Get that cooking class and the shops more in the main stream, we need cooks bakers, carpenters, and welders, and fabricators. “AG” I still think you are so elite, students should take entrance exams to enter your doors!!! AL G.

  2. All students (95+%) are on honor roll! We must include a line item for a Dr. Vogel statue statue as homage to her Progressive philosophy!

  3. Anonymous,,,,if you are a teacher, special in high school, you and your peers must sit and talk, and communicate your findings on what works so this is implemented with others. That is how a business would do it. come together, compromise, you are in infant stage and if your plan works then it can grow in time progressively. I remember a couple years ago the high school had a Guidance Consoler that also was a coach for one of the girls sports team. Before practice she had them all in a room studying and she helped anyone with problems. Guess what, the kids loved her, respected her. Gosh,,,,,,,,,I guess a stick regime works. Handbooks, rules and regulations are all to be signed and understood, So what’s the problem,,why do things have to be bent? Because they always were and that is what they are use to ,and expecting. Maybe the Guidance Consoler had it right. Maybe that should be mainstream.

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