A note from Patrick Bower 2

From Patrick Bower

Some advice and watch outs on Dr. Roy — the dirty dozen …
1. Look for budgetary deceptions – the board of finance uncovered mini “slush” funds in payroll accounts used to fund her pet projects. Nothing illegal – just mucho deceptive.
2. Follow submissions to the State from special education parents – most of original complainants of Roy’s were NF SPED parents.
3. Look for misguided and unproven focus on technology at the expense of core learning values and systems
4. Observe and capture examples of glaring lack of empathy to parents and students
5. Keep an eye out for vastly inappropriate, social immature comments (such as the Olive branch with ears)
6. Look for fake CABE awards – there are a number of self-nominated awards that CABE offers each year. These are fake awards – meant to burnish her resume but do not lead to student achievement.
7. Track all measurement of student performance. All of the “awards” in NF only meant declining scores.
8. Observe staff pandering. She will reward her loyal toadies with dept chairs, team leadership roles, etc.
9. Watch her focus on the physical infrastructure before student achievement – scores have declined in NF – but the building are looking pretty good.
10. Look for vague mission statements – instead of saying “we want to be a school of distinction” you will get blah blah blahtity blah.
11. Watch for political machinations – either dividing the BOE, or aligning herself to political leaders in town (or both)
12. Hold her accountable to teacher surveys – most businesses do 360 degree appraisals – listen to your teachers – they will let you know fairly quick when she turns into a stinker.


  1. I can’t stress enough how important and valid the above points are. As a teacher and resident of New Fairfield, I can honestly say that Dr. Roy has done more to damage this district than any superintendent I have ever heard of. 70% of the teacher voted no confidence, 0% had confidence and 30% didn’t vote – which means 100% no confidence in my book. over 500 parents signed a similar petition of no confidence. Disproportionate lost law suits, due process and other various legal battles. The woman is a snake in the grass and a train wreck all wrapped into one. I had hoped that she would find an office job where she could analyze something for the state, but no such luck. Sorry parents and teachers of Canaan, you’re in for a rough road, unless she has had a frontal lobotomy.

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