Advice To Region One From New Fairfield! 2


Here is a compilation of advice sent to the Region One Report from Fairfield Residents…read and learn:

Our school performace declined.

Her (Dr. Roy) narrative about what happened is false.

The teachers only jumped on the bandwagon after parents softened her up.

Please note – nearly the entire BOE has turned over in 3 years

And note – nearly the entire BOE has turned over in 3 years

Reach out the the new fairfield efducation forum and join. Lots of content there.


  1. By God, I don’t know what all is going on in our region, but I have tried to understand change, because I have had to except it wherever I have been. All I see is people up in ARMS. I watch board meetings and most of them sound good, and the things said at different schools pertaining to the High School perhaps should be said in the High School Meetings. Now I see a person hired from New Fairfield that comes with NYP records of success. Really?? Then at the same meeting I hear of the qualifications they are looking for in a replacement for a High School Principal, which is 180 degrees out of what was hired for North Canaan. Sometimes I have though of maybe BETSY DeVOS should evaluate the Region; Haa, from what I saw on 60 minutes last night with her SMILY FACE even on negative issues she so bluntly made excuses for, HELL you need a Marine DI to get things SHIP SHAPE!!!!! It looks like a HEART BEAT with the ups and downs. Disgusted……..were my tax dollars are so blatantly spent for me. Maybe what you need is a C.F.O. crunching the numbers and the D.I. physically running the show on the C.F.O.’s recommendations………..
    Maybe parents should put their kids in Salisbury, Hotchkiss, Fordham, and Taft’s and then maybe we’d see,,,,,you get what you pay for, and a whole lot more. Can’t provide a good learning atmosphere,,,,,,,,,,,,Then you pay for it in other ways, out of the regions pocket,,,,( or maybe out of the REGIONS INSURANCE POLICY ). Can it be done????Think about it!

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