GRADING POLICY UNDER FIRE Kent parents express frustration at end of board meeting 3




Kent parents express frustration at end of board meeting



KENT — A group of Kent Center School parents waited two-and-a-half hours to express their anger and frustration to the Kent Board of Education on Monday evening about the Region 1 school district’s new grading policy.

The group of 10 parents and community members had to wait until the end of Monday night’s board meeting for the public comment portion. A group of teachers also attended.

Parent Melissa Woodin said she has watched her daughter struggle this year because of the policy, which, among other things, replaced Ds and Fs with NYPs (not yet proficient).


  1. Everyone should be heard. Everyone matters. Look at the Bartlesville, Oklahoma Board of Education meeting on Teachers walking out. LISTEN TO WHAT THE BOARD SAYS, LISTEN TO THE CLAPPING. Look at the audience. Do you think in any of the 7 schools if you show up with 10 people,,,,30 people, 50 people in the High school That is going to make a difference? When you vote in anything,, majority rules. Do you think for one minute a SERIOUS consideration will be thought about? I have read some colleges are doing away with enterance grades. Why???? My guess,,,they want your money. It has nothing to do with your child’s education..They were given a chance, and they funked out. They’ll be replaced next year,,they got your money.. Here in our region…………I know some parents that don’t like it,,,,have business and all they can say is; ” it is what it is,deal with it”.
    Look what we got in North Canaan for a Principal; would you like to swap????? NYP She sure knows how to GIGGLE when asked what her accomplices were in New Fairfield as Superententant. Giggle,,,Giggle,,,oh so many,,,giggle, giggle.. You want that!!! When asked to the board on approval , one board members, hands and arms were so unrest that the body language was,,,,oh god what are we getting into….even though that person voted yes….it sure was a no in the heart. I have a feeling why also, but can’t put that person on the spot. What did New Fairfield do???/What did Bartlesville do????

    OR-GAN-IZE!!!!!!!!! OR EXCEPT IT.

  2. After reading entire Republican American article… concerned (read: ignored) Kent citizens consider the private school option to avoid our academic turmoil. Per student costs at high school must be closing in on $30,000/student. Perhaps boards could look at some form of a voucher system to rid themselves of the annoying public. Those of us unable to afford the local private tuitions, and continually brushed aside by high school, would have a say in our student’s education.
    Could be a win-win situation. Provide a $10,000.00 voucher, Region pockets the remaining $20,000.00, and Central Office is rid of the annoying public too stupid to grasp the pure genius of their brilliant initiatives.

  3. … And now Principal Budge is forced out. The Central Office blitzkrieg continues to roll through the Northwest corner. This is Region One’s darkest hour.

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