Don’t Let The Door……. 2

20130529_175353Jonathan Moore has resigned from the Region One Board Of Education as Kent representative… it happened last night at a board meeting at Housatonic. (In our opinion,Mr.Moore, along with Phil Hart led the successful effort to remove the public from any decisions in Region 1. They worked more for CABE than for Region One.) .


  1. Few thing$ more amu$ing than seeing Moore try to $ave face with claim$ that he wa$ among the few who wanted excellence at Hou$y. He cared nothing about the quality of a $tudent’$ education, and, like $o many $elf-interested board members before him, $erved with other prioritie$ in mind. Good riddance, indeed. $hame it took $o long.

  2. With the whining and self serving crying he chose to inject into his public resignation letter- the door did indeed hit him on the way out.

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