Some more “gems” from the Region One A.B.C., the Region One Chair, and the superintendent….Lets hurry up and re-decide what has been law in the Region for over 70 years… 1

Some more “gems” from the Region ion A.B.C., the Region One Chair, and the superintendent….

From this Mornings Republican-American

The All Board Chairmen Committee of Region 1 will get a legal opinion on its roles and re­sponsibilities and how they relate to the Region 1 Board of Education.

When it was suggested a review of the series be put off until a new board is seat­ed after the November elec­tion, Brian D. Bartram, chairman of the Salisbury Central School Board of Ed­ucation, said that no matter what the makeup of the board, an attorney’s opinion should be obtained. (We agree with this, a full, thorough review)

Chamberlain said the issue should be resolved be­fore the election so the duties are clearly spelled out. “I think to wait is frankly foolish.” ( Rush to judgement Pat, how could you ever work with an independent board)

Jonathan Moore of Kent, chairman of the Region 1 board, said he agreed that a legal opinion is necessary “on where we stand now. It is prudent so the boards have something concrete in­stead of just guessing.” He also said he firmly believed the board’s attorney, and not an outside inde­pendent counsel, should be retained for the process. “I wouldn’t have the region’s attorney beholden to an opinion from another attorney.” (this is a STATE STATUTE, we should get an opinion from outside the region reconfirming the statute that applies not only to Region One, BUT ALL REGIONS in the state)

Chamberlain said com­ing to a determination could take months, or even years. “It’s been used as one of the battlegrounds in the budget, which is ridiculous. I think we have to trust our attorney, whatever he says.” ( Trust  “our” attorney”…..I think Pat means “her” attorney ( the “boards” attorney has been Pat’s all along, not representing the board in full, but representing the Central Office)law

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  1. First and foremost, the ABC Committee CANNOT hire an attorney for any reason. What is it that the superintendent and Mr. Moore don’t understand about the fact the this is a committee of the Region One Board of Education and is advisory in nature. It has no power to act nor spend any money. It can recommend only. Jonathan Moore, as chair of the Region One Board of Education has NO AUTHORITY to hire an attorney to do anything either. He and Phil Hart before him have routinely cost the District thousands and thousands of dollars without the knowledge or consent of the Board. While he may be the designated person to speak to the attorney on behalf of the Board regarding a given issue, he CAN NOT do that without their permission. Patricia Chamberlain should not be communicating with the District’s attorney regarding matters that are strictly of a Board nature and she has done that routinely as well. In fact, the July’s attorney invoice indicates that both she and Moore discussed the 7000 Series with the attorney. The Board should demand that Moore not contact the attorney regarding Board matters without their knowledge or consent. As chairman, he has no more power or authority than any other member. Chamberlain may be the CEO of the District, but her duties revolve around educational issues, not issues that are strictly reserved for the Board itself. Just how long is the Board going to allow this to continue disenfranchising them from decisions they they are bound to determine per the statutes? Further, is the ABC Committee and the Board of Education going to ignore the fact that the 7000 series has ALREADY BEEN thoroughly reviewed by several Board engaged attorneys over the years? There should be NO QUESTION that everything is in order with the 7000 series. It’s time for everyone to realize that this issue has been raised by the powers that be for very selfish and personal reasons with absolutely no sensible rationale.

    Patricia Allyn Mechare

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