UFB!!!! 4

The superintendent of schools of region one has updated and put on their website a proposed 2018/19 updated budget… this is totally illegal as far as I know …and I spoke to three region one board members Who knew nothing of this updated budget.. no meeting was held …and the budget that was to be sent to the people has now changed
Since the region one board voted on and approved it..and they’re going to have a region one budget meeting the day before the budget vote and then present this budget …and as far as I know that’s not legal as we have not had a chance to look at it …this is an unbelievable situation developing in region one and we hope that you all call the region one offices at 860-824-0855 and express your disapproval this last minute


  1. Will there be an actual budget in place for which we may vote on May 8th?
    … Or are we just voting for Dr.Vogel’s and Chair Whelan’s omnipotent authority to change their spending as they see fit?
    Please vote No on what ever budget is presented on Tuesday May 8.

  2. Dr. Vogel, Ms. Carter, Dr. Alicia Roy, Revision Learning, New Fairfield, Flynn, Tepper, leadership teams… Follow the money.

    • Well nice to see someone is reading and has added ROY’s name to the list. Bird’s of the feather flock together.

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