Filming going on now at Housatonic seniors 2

As of right now, today at this hour a private film maker is filming senior students at H.V.R.H.S. WITHOUT permission from parents. I re-state it is a PRIVATE film maker contracted by either CABE or H.V.R.H.S. filming senior students for a movie. Parents have NOT given this PRIVATE company permission to film and include their sons and daughters in this film. CALL the superintendents office and say you do NOT want your student in the film as you did not give permission to film and include your students in the film. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

Official suggests Falls Village hire its own superintendent 1

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FALLS VILLAGE — Board of Finance member Louis G. Timolat is asking for transparency when it comes to the town’s share of paying the Region 1 superintendent. During a board meeting Monday, he said he would like a cost breakdown put on an information sheet for the budget town meeting next Tuesday.

Timolat floated the idea of the town looking at the concept of hiring its own parttime superintendent. He said he has heard of examples of systems the size of Falls Village paying between $20,000 and $24,000 for such a parttime position.

“We wouldn’t have the bureaucratic nightmare and we’d have someone to fight for us,” Timolat said. “We’d still be a part of Region 1, entitled to all its offerings.”