A Letter From Denise Cohn To the entire Board and administration on the change in the budget….UFB 2!!! VOTE NO!!!! 8

Attached please find a draft of just page one of your revised budget compared to the one approved at the hearing – data was  downloaded from the Region1schools.org website.
Bob Whelan has stated on Facebook the only items changed are the expected expenditures in your revised budget. That is not true. Every column except 2016-2017 actuals have changed. The budget column for 2017-2018 has changed, the $ increase, the % increase and the bottom lines for every column, has been revised, including last year’s approved budget (used this year for comparisons).
Attached is an excel spreadsheet for just page one (its a long spreadsheet). The white columns are the original, the green is the revised and the yellow are the changes. You can also look for yourself at the bottom lines on each column between the two documents disseminated to the public.There are many changes and I cannot imagine how you can change the numbers in the 2017-2018 budget when it was approved a year ago.  This is very misleading and deceptive to the public.
Please also provide an explanation (either yourself or Bob since he has offered to be an expert on the budget and will answer any questions)
1) why the Superintendent Professional Development is now more than $10,000 over budget and what, exactly, has come up in the last 30 days to warrant an additional $5000 expenditure before the school year ends.
2) What are we spending an additional $10,000 on “Public Relations” – who are we paying and why?
3) How is it possible you expect to spend an additional $200k+ of the taxpayers money over and above what you presented to the public 30 days ago? It was stated those funds would go back to the individual towns – and now you have decided to spend half of it?
I will not argue with you on the legality of changing a document without board permission – let the State Election Commission sort all that out. But I would like an answer to the questions above.
Bob whelan FB reply