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  1. What a joke this is. Why is so much focus put on this superintendent to ask her everything. YOU are in charge aren’t you? Ya,,,,I guess that is a question, not a statement. The lady who stood up and said of her investigation of labeling and person in charge is on the right track. What I believe people are not getting is; in the state of Ct. it is NOT a closed statement of who is in charge and left open for debate. It is YOU,, Boards to take charge and the responsibility of wanting to be the Chief Executive Officers. I believe the new lawyer that has written a book on the school system is really siding with CABE and taking the lead of saying in his view ( of course to the side of were he is getting payed from) to the Supers side. The State has left this OPEN for the community of it’s elected boards to deside. Either they do and want the responsibility or they give it to the super. If the super can over ride,,,then what do you have a board for? SO,,,,,,,,,,,maybe, just maybe what this REGION needs is a CEO of a Management Corporation to take over the schools and run them as a BUSINESS. And,,that is just what the school is run by a Budget, which is managed according. It is a business.OUR BUSINESS and we put what we think are trustworthy people in place to represent us as the board to over-see the operations of were our money is spent for the students education and safe environment they they spend their day in. Look at the committees now the newly next Principal is doing. That is a great move. That is what a board represents. Many heads coming together for the best decision. Perhaps the Business Manager should be the focal point the community and the boards appoint to be a real CEO/CFO. and Margret S. of pupil services be Assistant in charge as C.O.O. !!!! I bet for darn sure you’d not only be pleased in the results, but the students would EXCEL above EXPECTATIONS!!! Don’t think this is a NOT for us…..It just might be ,,,,this is for us in these times.

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