1. Next time you record one of these, “public,” meetings in Central Office- can the cameraman get a shot of the new $15,000.00 carpeting? We taxpayers would like to see where our education dollars are being spent … Has Bob dropped any of his gum into the new floor covering yet? Has Pam looked into perhaps acquiring a few nice oriental runners for the high traffic areas?

  2. And so it begins. Administrators and our BOE have labeled themselves above reproach as they laud themselves for their NEASC grades of, “basic proficiency,” and ignore the reports of failure and, “NYP.”
    Were this NEASC report subject to the same standards as our Carter/Vogel/Guskey initiatives, Central Office, the BOE and high school administrators would be diligently kicked off the soccer team until proofing proficiency.
    This “leadership team” has failed their driver’s test. But since they consider themselves the DMV, they will allow themselves to continue their blatant disregard for the well being of the rest of us using their roads.

  3. Who are the members of this, “leadership team,” that is so often credited/blamed for much of the perpetual controversy around Region One initiatives? Are they a secret society? Are their decisions based upon the reading of tea leaves? Perhaps chickens are sacrificed at the big table in Central Office, and their entrails studied to devine our educational future? SRBI: Sacrificial Ritual Based Education. (I am picturing Bob Whelan in a heavy hooded wool tunic amidst dense candle smoke as he and Dr. Vogel attempt to summon forth the answers to quality education via a Ouija Board.)
    I believe Mr. Strever, in one of last year’s taped public forums, promised to list these members on a high school website. I have not seen this list. I am certain it is a minor oversight from a busy administration. Integrity must take a back seat in an era of openness with the unwashed masses. Knowledge of the identities of this secret society’s members might only serve to further cloud our Region’s clear educational future. We may be better off not knowing.

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