The Region One Report has learned that rumours of the Region One Administrators contracts already being signed is untrue. We spoke with Region One Business Manager Sam Herrick today, and he confirmed to us, after speaking to the Superintendent, that NO NEW CONTRACTS OR CONTRACT EXTENSIONS FOR THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE BEEN SIGNED..AS A MATTER OF FACT, NO NEW CONTRACTS ARE EVEN DRAFTED AS OF YET. So the reports of the contracts being signed in various blogs such as Terry Cowgill’s are incorrect, not accurate, and just plain wrong.  This is what Cowgill reported in his blog, “Unfortunately, this vote was more about emotion than anything else – and emotions aren’t helpful in making a clear-headed decision on how to vote. People wanted to send a message to the BOE about the administrative contracts, but they’ve already been signed and ratified, so the no vote effectively accomplishes nothing but forcing us to spend thousands of dollars on another referendum and perhaps cut programs.” Wrong, wrong, wrong again Mr. Cowgill. Again, more inaccuracies spread before and after the referendum to try to get it passed by its supporters

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GROTON—Superintendent of Schools Paul Kadri has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation connected to his past “interactions with and treatment of district employees,” according to a motion approved by the board of education Monday.
The motion, approved by unanimously at a special board meeting, bars Kadri from school grounds during the probe and also from contacting district employees or board members.
It also authorized the board chairman, with the district attorney, to hire an investigator.

The investigation could take several weeks, said Kirsten Hoyt, board chairwoman. She said that because the issue pertained to a personnel matter, she couldn’t elaborate on the cause of Kadri’s leave.

A veteran educator, Kadri has been head of the school district since 2008.
Mary Ann Butler, assistant superintendent of curriculum and education, has been named acting superintendent.
Under his contract with the school district, Kadri earns $167,475 annually.

Region One employees told to vote YES on the budget…or if the budget gets defeated you will lose your job!! Intimidation rears it’s ugly head in Region One again (this time it is the director of Pupil Services Carl Gross according to reports to 12

Andrea Downs,  of Falls Village spoke this evening at The Region One Board Of Education Meeting during the public session. Andrea pointed out to the board that she was informed that an “administrator” of Region One said to Region One employees to vote YES on the budget..or they could loose their jobs. She asked the board to make sure that this does not happen, and IF the budget gets defeated, to just keep the current contract for administrators. The reaction from the board chair….NONE. can now confirm that over the past 36 hours reports came to us with similar information, a threat that if the budget lost, they would lose their jobs. But these people gave us the administrator’s name..CARL GROSS REGION ONE DISTRICT WIDE DIRECTOR OF PUPIL SERVICES.

If true, and right now, with what we hear tonight, and what has been told to us over the past 36 hours,  we have no reason to doubt the validity of the charges. This is but another reason to stand up and say NO MORE! If the past few weeks, here is what members of the Region One School Board, the administration, and ABC have said….

1) The administrative raises are FREE they cost taxpayers nothing (FALSE)

2) The Region One Superintendent has not has a pay raise for several years (FALSE)

3) The Region One Superintendent said  ”if the budget is defeated, the first place the regional board will turn to is making re­ductions in the high school budget. “I’m hoping we’ll resolve the issues on the contracts, what I consider unimportant issues,”

4)  And now intimidation of loss of employment to employees of The Region One School District by Carl Gross, Region One District Wide Director Of Pupil Service.

Enough is enough…tell your friends and neighbors it’s time to draw a line in the sand….VOTE NO on the Region One Budget tomorrow in the referendum. We urge you to vote YES on the much-needed roof repair, and ADA projects!Image

Read the last line of this story in the Republican American…. Superintendent Patricia Cham­berlain is more interested in not honoring her three-year contract already signed than educating the children in the region 1

Read the last line of this story in the Republican American…. SuperintendentImage Patricia Cham­berlain is more interested in not honoring her three-year contract already signed than educating the children in the region

(link to Republican American story)


Ex-principal to vote against Region 1 budget Tuesday



KENT — A former elemen­tary school principal warned the local Board of Education that the regional school budget may be defeated on Tuesday due to unhappiness over admin­istrative contracts.

Edward Epstein said Thurs­day that he is planning to vote against the Region 1 education­al budget that will be decided by referendum in all six towns Tuesday.

“I am totally supportive of the high school,” said Epstein, who served as the Kent Center School principal for several decades.

“I am not supportive of ex­tending contracts until the year 2015 when there is no immedi­ate need to do so.”

He asked the local school offi­cials to not cut from the budget of Housatonic Valley Regional High School but rather examine the central office budget.

The Region 1 budget is com­posed of three sections, HVRHS, Pupil Services (which is the cost for special education) and the Regional School Service Center (RSSC) also referred to as the Central Office.

Epstein warned that a num­ber of people in the region are unhappy that four of the six members of the Region 1 Board of Ed are not listening to the concerns of residents.

He singled out Kent’s repre­sentative Jonathan Moore as one of those who was not listen­ing. Moore contested this, say­ing that he had spent more than an hour meeting with Epstein after a recent meeting.

The Region 1 Board of Edu­cation approved extending the contracts an additional year for the region’s administrators that included Superintendent Patri­cia Chamberlain, Assistant Su­perintendent Diane Goncalves, Business Manager Samuel Her­rick, Pupil Services Director Carl Gross and Supervisor of Special Education Martha Schwaikert.

This was based on the recom­mendation from the All Boards Committee, which is composed of the chairmen of the seven Boards of Education in the re­gion.

Each administrator was granted a 2 percent or 3 percent raise and a contract through 2015. Some residents also ob­jected to a similar extension last year.

Tracy Horosky, Kent Board of Education chairman, said that ABC Committee has heard the concerns and is asking for authorization to conduct a study of how administrator contracts are handled by other school dis­tricts.

She said the research would not be available for this budget season but the group is trying to be responsive.

“I’d ask you to reconsider your position,” Horosky said to Epstein.

“The message that you send is a severe one. It holds bad repercussions for the kids.” Su­perintendent Patricia Cham­berlain said later in the meeting that if the budget is defeated, the first place the regional board will turn to is making re­ductions in the high school budget. She urged support for the $15.4 million budget, which shows a 1.7 percent increase.

“I’m hoping we’ll resolve the issues on the contracts, what I consider unimportant issues,” Chamberlain said. She pointed out that the regional board could try to renegotiate con­tracts.