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When will the Region One Board realize the taxpayers can’t keep sustaining the high administration cost when enrollment keeps declining this rapidly?

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Enrollment as of the first day of classes  August 27: A decrease of 87 students, or 5 per­cent districtwide from the same day last year.
Official figures for the year as of Oct. 1.
The largest drop is seen at Housatonic Valley Regional High School that now has 59 fewer stu­dents. The total is 416, down from last year’s 475.

One school had a slight increase:  North Canaan Elementary School, which has two more students than last year with a total of 315.

Salisbury Central School remained static at 309.

Lee H. Kellogg School in Falls Village: 75; 86 in 2011

Cornwall Consolidated School, 101, 106 in 2011

Sharon Center School, 182, 192 in 2011

Kent Center School, 271, 275 in 2011. 

My personal response to Mike Flint and the inaccuracies and half truths he is fond of posting about (Tri-State Public Communications) 7

Here is Tri-State Public Communications response to another error filled Mike Flint Blog posting sent to us by one of our supporters. While we dismiss Mike and his 6-10 followers, we will not let him continue to distribute half-truths, inaccurate information, poor and sloppy investigative results…

Mike Flint continues his history to distribute half-truths, and inaccurate information via his blogs to his 6 or 7 viewers. It is history to claim to be investigative, but, as turns out most the time, Mr. Flint is only about 50% accurate. It is pretty amazing that Flint, who is opposed to Salisbury selling its old firehouse asset to help pay for the new one, so opposed that he has cost the town of Salisbury $400,000.00 already, is now in favor of Sharon selling it’s asset at 67 Main Street for a significant loss! Hmmmm, could Mr. Flint have an agenda to costs local towns their assets and money for personal vendettas? As his favorite network says…WE REPORT…YOU DECIDE.Read below what Flint has posted, and our response to that post, you will see, once again Flint’s half-truths, lack of follow-up, and lack of business sense.Here is what he wrote:

Some facts about Tri-State Public Communications …

Tri-State was founded in 2002 X Correct!

Tri-State operates public access television in the Lakeville
Franchise of Comcast Cable and WHDD Radio X Correct

Tri-State has posted operating losses for a number of years (its fiscal year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).

2009 – ($ 27,487.00)

2010 – ($ 67,135.00)

2011 – ($ 508,157.00) !!!!!WRONG! $347,475.00 (and that money has been invested in equipment, and in anticipation of an expansion that should come to fruition by October 2012!)

Tri-State is carrying a large debt load – as of Dec. 31, 2011 – $ 768,142.00 (This is to one of the members of the board of directors) X Correct and obviously written by a person either ignorant or not understanding the acceptable risks a business takes to expand and grow in a recession. What successful company does not incur debt when they constantly improve, expand and keep their company on the leading edge in economic down times?

Tri-State also shows another $ 104,004.00 in ‘unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated third parties’.
No kidding! See above!

Tri-State’s underwriting revenues are down substantially in the 2011 fiscal year. X WRONG In a down economy Tri-State INCREASED it’s underwriting by close to 50% by almost $50,000.00!!!

A lesson for Mike Flint..DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET! Had Mike Flint checked our website, or with the IRS, the accurate information is posted! One week after we filed our 990, an amended 990 was filed with the IRS.

Once again, Flint is just plain wrong, inaccurate, and vindictive to a fault, as are his little band of Flintites.

Let’s see if he corrects his errors, or, as in Flint tradition, blames someone else.

Oh, and by the way, in the interest of full disclosure, while trashing Tri-State Public Communications behind our backs, Flint received $93,375.00 in compensation for his services from December 2007 to September 2011. Who has hired Mike Flint and paid him that  money recently? The last persons to do so, and the only people to do so in the past 5 years, has been Tri-State Public Communications.

Flint refuses to write about our biggest mistake, his hiring.

For all to see, our 990’s are posted on our homepage at (under about us).
Check for yourself and see how misinformed Flint is.

Some Great News about H.V.R.H.S, it’s teachers and students…. 7

We here at The Region One Report have received the CAPT scores for Housatonic.  Below is a link to the scores so you can compare how Housatonic fared over the years, and compare Housatonic to other schools, and  to the state averages.
From what we can tell Housatonic is above state average in all subjects.
Well done teachers and students…

Update of Cornwall Principal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3

This is the story that WAS verified by the Region One Office this morning, and then twenty minutes later, the Region One Office called to say it was not true, the Cornwall Principal was staying….after you read the line, see below for why he is staying.

Another Region One principal is GONE! Cornwall’s principal has just resigned.

********note, we just received a call from REGION ONE to tell us the principal IS NOT resigning…..stay tuned.


Reason he is staying. Region One Report has been told by two unnamed sources that the Cornwall Principal received a RAISE. We are awaiting verification on this…..

Lawrence Van Valkenburgh’s letter to the Region One Board 2

Dear Region One Board of Education members,

You were told that Steve Hurley was absent for 25 days. The central office asked him to sign off on the truth two weeks ago — the truth being that he was actually absent for 12 days (which is below average for the staff and teachers). Your process and attorney prevented him from being allowed to respond so the lie that he was absent for 25 days was conveniently allowed to stand — convenient for the administrators who wanted “to get rid of him,” as former Assistant Principal Maryanne Buchanan testified under oath. But the system also counts on you to have intelligence and awareness that you are being lied to. Think about Patricia Chamberlain and ask yourself why you keep letting her deceive you — and by extension the public whose taxes pay her salary and support the school. I am tired of trying to make you aware. But I am far from worn out — only just fascinated by your stupidity or your complicity in the deception, or both.

Next, Steve Hurley resigned from his previous employment. He did not leave with his ass on fire the way Diane did from Orange, CT. Steve resigned in the same way that Matt Harnett resigned in his previous district but the fact that Harnett was not going to be renewed didn’t stop him from being hired in Region One. That makes the decision to non-renew Steve Hurley arbitrary and capricious. By the way, I hear that Matt will be arrested for perjury — is that true? That must be because he’s taking the fall for the job evaluation of Steven Hurley that Diane was supposed to do in 2011 and failed to do, as was mentioned in my last email.

Anyway, back to Steve Hurley. Brochu and Chamberlain had absolutely no justification for not renewing Steve’s contract so they went digging into his previous employment just a few days before the hearing with a Freedom of Information Act request for documents from his personnel file. So if they were looking for reasons to get rid of Steve then, what was the basis for the non-renewal back in March or April? Scooter and Marilyn spoke after the hearing about the two issues I just mentioned — the bogus 25 days absence and the bogus previous non renewal — and both of those are false. So, Patricia acted capriciously and arbitrarily in recommending non renewal of Steve’s contract. Someone please define capricious and arbitrary for Jonathan and Laura – (they are the ones who are leashed to Patricia).

You people owe Steve Hurley his job back. We are not the kind of people who do what you are doing and allowing Patricia and Diane to do.  Someone congratulate Diane for me –  for her promotion to Principal of the HVRHS.  We are told she is the curriculum engineer and over the last couple of weeks she managed the screwing over of the gym staff. Isn’t that Matt’s job? Was it curriculum related? The CEA Union seems to spend a lot of its time managing Central Office abuse. Didn’t Diane assure us that she was not managing the High School? What could we save if we contracted out her job? What would we save if we had a Superintendent that didn’t need a lawyer (multiple lawyers) to cover over her actions so much of the time?
When will we speak about Scott Fellows? Are you asking yourselves why Patricia is protecting him so aggressively at the cost of your reputations? By “your” I mean each of you — Laura, Phil, Gale, Jonathan, Scooter, Marilyn.  We elected each of you to protect people like me, our tax money, our teachers and staff from letting happen all of the events that you are letting Patricia and Diane get away with.

Because of your ignorance and refusal to deal with these issues, I am calling upon each town’s Board of Finance to add to their responsibilities the job of auditing how the Central Office spends each dollar you — the Region One Board of Education — ask taxpayers to appropriate to Region One education.

I have other work to do. There is plenty more to type – but you all should be thinking about the steps necessary to remove these liars from our Region. I want to see teachers empowered and happy. What the majority of this BOE has allowed is a continuation of the worst aspects of Patricia Chamberlain and Diane Goncalves so well articulated by the fifty or so who risked their jobs and testified for the Pingpank report.

Lawrence Van Valkenburgh – West Cornwall

So now tell me there is not a problem with the Administration of Region One..Cornwall’s Principal just resigned (maybe not as we just received a call from Region One!) Reply

Another Region One principal is GONE! Cornwall’s principal has just resigned…3 in one year….and a part-time principal in Falls Village! Unbelievable..and some people continue to say there is NO PROBLEM with the Region One Administration?! And some people even have said this rate is normal! Region, we HAVE a problem.

********note, we just received a call from REGION ONE to tell us the principal IS NOT resigning…..stay tuned.

Here is the transcript provided to The Region One Report on a special board meeting on August 8 4

Here is the transcript provided to The Region One Report on a special board meeting on August 8 . It appears that the superintendent and a couple of board members had a plan to “send a message” to Lucille Page, but it had a MUCH different outcome than the “Axis Of Three”  had planned!

Transcript of Region 1 Board of Ed Special meeting August 8, 2012

RE: Lucille Paige’s contract extension

(The superintendent had intended this part of the meeting to be held in executive session, but when she conceded under questioning that she had not directly told Lucille that she, Lucille, had the option of having the meeting in public, the superintendent suggested that the meeting be held in public instead of executive session. **No members of the public were present).

Superintendent Chamberlain: As I indicated earlier, we did complete the evaluation. I reviewed that document with Lucille today. As per our previous conversation, once we were complete with that process Lucille and I are continuing to work on our improvement plan and our goals. We have a plan in place for next year that’s going to be a continuation of what we actually started this year to be finalized we hope at the end of next year. I am recommending a contract extension for Lucille with the following changes.
Marilyn(Yerks): Is this last year’s (contract)?
Chamberlain: This is her…(current?)…contract so you can understand the changes. If you go to page two there is a change in the insurance benefits. We are keeping this consistent with the non-certified contract and I believe the non certified contract is increasing at a 1 percent rate so the 7.5 percent to 1 percent up would be 8.5 percent. And the contribution that the board is making to the HAS in the non certified contract is decreasing – its going from 75 percent to 70 percent next year. Umm, the installments will be paid as they’re being paid to all employees. There’s no change in the travel expense. There’s no change in the pension. There’s no change in the evaluation. I’m going to recommend that we extend this contract for one year so there’s no change on the termination of the agreement clause, there’s no change on the general provisions. For salary, because there’s a change in health insurance, etcetera, etcetera, I would ask the board to consider a one-and-a-half percent increase on salary.
Courey Toensing: What did the non certs get?
Chamberlain: They received 1.9 percent
Courey Toensing: Why are you not recommending 1.9?
Chamberlain: I felt to recommend the full extent, the 1.9, would, would not honor the work that we’re working on with this improvement plan that’s in place that I’d like to see more improvement for the full amount to be achieved.
Courey Toensing: Hmm
Chamberlain: The one-and-a-half/ if we don’t do some increase at this point I think that the insurance changes would actually be a set back. So I think it’s important to acknowledge that we’re achieving some savings on the health insurance side.
(Phil(Hart) or Jonathan(Moore)); Good.
Phil: We can get into discussion now or we can continue discussion as part of a motion. I would accept a motion to extend Lucille’s contract for one year.
Courey Toensing: I’ll make a motion to extend her contract for one year with a 1.9 percent increase.
Marilyn: I second,
Phil: Now, are there any further discussions? Heaing none, I’ll call the motion, All in favor?
(Courey Toensing, Marilyn and Phil raise their hands for “aye.”)
Phil: Opposed?
(Freund and Moore raise their hands for “nay.”)
Phil: Any abstentions?
Chamberlain: I think it might have passed. Let’s see that again.
Phil: Okay. All in favor? We got Canaan, Cornwall and Sharon.
Scooter: I’m going to vote yay.
Phil: Okay. And Salisbury.
Chamberlain: It passes. So… 1.9 …Thank you.
Phil: Now, there being no other business I think I’ll ask for a motion to adjourn.