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It is disturbing to read that the Region One board not only awarded raises but extended the contracts of central ofce personnel at a March
28 meeting. Are we so far removed from the confusion and controversy of the last several years that all is forgotten? Have the problems at
the high school all been put to rest?  Where else in the public sector at this time is this largess in evidence? Quality leadership has been in short supply for some time in Region One; what indicators are there that this troubling situation has been reversed? This action, if appropriate, is certainly premature.
Finally, one must wonder why some board members who would not support an increase for teachers in their elementary schools supported
contract changes, extensions and pay increases for a failed leadership team whose members on average earn two to three times what these teachers
earn. Thanks to Gale Toensing and Marilyn Yerks for voting nay on this question; clearly, theirs was the proper vote.
Brian Kavanagh
West Cornwall

To Terry Cowpie (Cowgill)…It’s The Administration Stupid! Reply

Mr. Cowpie, I am told, keeps spreading more  untruths and outright lies on his internet site about our anger over Region One administrators three-year contracts that are torn up after one year, and then new ones given with more sick days, more vacation days, more pension/annuity..claiming I am after only the top two..not true Cowpie, we have been campaigning for over two years against the administration contract fiasco…not just the top two, it’s just that  the top two keep giving the lame excuses, and bullying, and posturing…Sam Herrick and the rest of the administration don’t act mean and vindictive, and out of control  like the top two. But former journalist (well at least he is  according to Cowpie, not former colleagues), just keeps foaming at the mouth..getting closer and closer to the edge, when he get’s there, he’ll know. I resisted responding to these attacks for the past year, and now after venting some steam, it’s back to the business of Region One. Goodnight Mr. Cowpie, wherever you are.

An open letter emailed to Phil Hart this morning from WHDD 3


To clear up misconceptions that people might have about The ABC positions on the budget (administrative raises), the board and Marshall Miles personal opinions, we would like to invite both you, and the chair of the ABC to come on-air with Marshall to discuss the differences, explain  positions and together, urge people to get out and vote. It would be aired on The Breakfast Club and during  Second Take segments. Our schedule is open, when do you think we can arrange this.
Thanks in advance
Marshall Miles
Jill Goodman

A capsule of last nights meeting Reply

From this mornings Republican-American…..




FALLS VILLAGE — Most of the questions raised at the Re­gion 1 Board of Education budget hearing Wednesday fo­cused on administrative con­tracts.

As in years past, the turnout was low. Of the approximately 25 people who attended the ses­sion, about 10 weren’t school employees or members of the press. The region covers the six towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Salisbury and Sharon.

Business Manager Samuel J. Herrick took the audience through the document, explain­ing the various line items that cover the three components.

Marshall Miles of Salisbury and Falls Village First Select­man Patricia A. Mechare reiter­ated their concerns about extending the central office ad­ministrators’ contracts again by one year, so they would now end in 2015. The two have been outspoken during the budget process about their disagree­ment with the procedure, which was done last year as well.

Mechare again talked about the letter written by Town At­torney Judith Dixon at the be­hest of the Falls Village Board of Selectmen last year calling it “a poor business practice.” Mechare said she spoke with her again earlier in the day and “she hasn’t changed her mind. She said the playing field is not level with the advantage to the administrators, not the taxpay­ers. I’m disappointed the board will not listen and come back and discuss it.”

Dixon is also the town attor­ney for Canaan and Sharon.

Both this year and last, some board members said not giving the administrators contract ex­tensions gives them the mes­sage their performances are in question and they should start to look for jobs elsewhere.

“My beef is the extensions,” said Miles.

“When you start adding more things, like vacation days and annuities, that’s not an exten­sion.

It’s a new contract.”

He noted that according to the assistant superintendent’s contract, she can leave with 45 days notice, but the board has no such option. “That’s wrong and it bothers me.”

Herrick was questioned about Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain’s annuity, which this year is part of her salary line, rather than in the pension line where it was in the past. Both Miles and Mechare said the procedure appeared to be in conflict with the way the state Teachers Retirement Board suggests.

Miles said having the salary and annuity in two separate line items “would make the public feel better.”

Herrick said the procedure was reviewed by two attorneys and someone from the TRB and everyone agreed it was appro­priate.

Falls Village resident Louis Timolat wanted to know, “Is there something wrong with the teachers’ retirement system that an annuity is necessary?”

Just like in “Survivor” the Tribal Council met tonight and in a few minutes after public comments agreed to send the budget on to voters. We will post video here tomorrow after CATV 6 has the video up on-air, probably by late afternoon tomorrow. 3

It’s official! The budget will go to referendum after the Board of Education agreed to send it on its merry way. Questions about annuities, the non-certified employees contracts not being settled, questions about the  new three year contracts of last year being torn up and new ones issued one year later be dammed. The Region One Board is full speed ahead with a budget that has questions for all administrators, but apparently, no answers to those questions.Image

                     The Tribal Council