Patricia Cham­berlain flip-flops more than a fish our of water, she endorses and pushes for the administration of Region One to get NEW three year contracts one year into their current three year contract. BUT (time for her flip-flop) she is all for “HONORING CONTRACTS” that are only proposed contracts. Reply

Patricia Cham­berlain flip-flops more than a fish our of water, on one hand she endorsed and pushes for the administration of Region One to get NEW three-year contracts one year into their current three-year contract. BUT (time for her flip-flop) she is all for “HONORING CONTRACTS” that are only proposed contracts. If this were not real life, it would be funny. Watch the attached video and hear and watch Patricia Cham­berlain say what WE HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG…Region One Administrators…HONOR YOUR CURRENT THREE YEAR CONTRACTS.

This graph shows why the “NEW” “CONCESSION” “EXTENSION” CONTRACT PROPOSAL is worse than the last one just defeated, and should be defeated again Reply

A quick look at the latest “concession by the administrators shows that the administration still receives a NEW contract in year one of their current, in place and fully legal three-year contract, and, because, if ratified by a yes vote,  it will go into place  this year. That means next year, despite what the board of education is telling you of changing the system, the administration will be entering the final year of their “NEW” “EXTENDED” two-year contract, and will again, be able to negotiate another contract. Stop all the game playing with your tax dollars THIS YEAR! Tell the board NO again, until they advise the administration to honor  their THREE YEAR contracts they signed LAST YEAR.

Our economy, in the state it is in, is no time for the administration to be so selfish, that while everyone else is just hanging on by their fingernails, that the administration of Region One should get to throw away a  in-place, legal contract that still has two more years to run. The administration claims  it’s about educating the kids, Phil Hart ( Chair of the Region One Board of Education) said at the last board meeting ” if we have been doing this wrong, then we have been doing it wrong for several years”. Well guess what?

If it were about the kids, the administration would honor the last two years of the current, legal, in-place contract, and Mr. Hart, this is a fine time to correct past mistakes, and have the administration honor their contracts. Please click on the graph below to enlarge.

$280,000 in cuts, the administrators new extended contracts remain minus the final year….old wine in new bottles Reply

Here is the budget meeting from May 17 The Region One Board of Education..

No knowledge of Roberts Rules of order

No tolerance for dissenting opinions

No keeping the current three-year contracts in place for the administration

$280,00.00 in cuts (about $15,00 from the RSSC)

Accepting a concession of taking the LAST year off the NEW EXTENDED contracts (but still rewriting three-year contracts in their first year)

Please pass the link along for people to see how dysfunctional this board is, and how interesting is it to see the Superintendent take control of the Board Of Education meeting…

School Board Meeting Mayhem. Region One Board votes to reduce budget by about $270,000 for the next vote..and the administration “volunteers” to eliminate the last year of their “new” “approved” “not legally approved” contracts that have never been signed, drafted or ratified 5

Well, the Region One Board tonight voted to send to referendum a new budget with about $270,000 dollars in cuts. The administration also offered a “concession” of giving up the last year of the not-yet-approved new three-year contracts, the board also approved that!  WOW approving concessions on contracts that are not even drafted…now I have seen everything! I asked the chairmen of the board if he could produce a “legal” document from the board attorney stating that the contracts offered to the administration by the board, but not even drafted yet, and not even signed yet, were indeed legal documents. I was told maybe!

Then at the end of the meeting in a rather heated discussion with the superintendent I asked why the board attorney did not stay to answer questions about the legality of the contracts..point blank, she told me he had another meeting to go to…what our superintendent did not know, is that I heard the attorney say to a board member, after the first meeting this evening when asked if he was staying for the second meeting the following…”I was not asked to stay”.

Let’s see if the board gets an opinion on the legal standing of contracts that are not only not signed, but not even drafted yet.

Cutting the budget is fine for some of the NO votes, but a clear message sent to the board was NOT TO EXTEND the administrations three-year contracts after one year…honor the three years…what does the board offer? A concession of the last year of the new not legal contracts, meaning that the administration still renegotiated their contracts after only one year… my good friend Izzy Decker used to say… BALONEY SAUCE. As the saying went in the 1992 election not long ago “It’s the economy Stupid”, well in Region One this year…”It’s the contracts, Region One Board”.


Sharon Board Of Education Chair showing displeasure that Marilyn Yerks spoke her personal opinion on the budget..way to respond Marilyn! Reply

Sharon Board of Education Meeting this week, watch at about the 3 to 6 minute mark when the chair questions the individual rights of Marilyn Yerks  to speak about the Region One Budget as a private citizen! Amazing!  Because someone does not agree with your opinion, you try to stifle it….


Click on this link for the editorial

ImageThis week, education budgets were rejected by voters in the Region 1 and Region 14 school districts, while voters in Region 12 approved a proposed spending plan. The difference in outcomes may seem to be simple and obvious, and tied to the percentage of the increase being proposed.

But there is more to the story.

It is true that, while Region 12 faces significant issues, such as the impact of declining enrollment, a budget that is boosting overall spending by less that half of 1 percent can only be embraced. Meanwhile, in the disparate districts of Region 1 and Region 14, increases that hovered around or above the 3 percent mark provided voters with a focal point on which to pin dissent.

But that is where the story begins.

In the old days of school budget battles in the area, 3 percent would be considered a very kind hike, but such a figure has now become an emblem of deeper, and more specific, discontent. Even as voters in these districts point to the combination of spending, taxes and the economy, the issue truly on their minds is the perception that far too much money is going to very well compensated administrators and to the education bureaucracy, and not enough of the funds are devoted to actual education and improvement and enrichment for students.

There is substance to that argument, and the tendency for public education bureaucrats to feather their own nests and taxpayers to hold the line on spending may combine to leave our students increasingly shortchanged and disenfranchised.


The Region One Report has learned that rumours of the Region One Administrators contracts already being signed is untrue. We spoke with Region One Business Manager Sam Herrick today, and he confirmed to us, after speaking to the Superintendent, that NO NEW CONTRACTS OR CONTRACT EXTENSIONS FOR THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE BEEN SIGNED..AS A MATTER OF FACT, NO NEW CONTRACTS ARE EVEN DRAFTED AS OF YET. So the reports of the contracts being signed in various blogs such as Terry Cowgill’s are incorrect, not accurate, and just plain wrong.  This is what Cowgill reported in his blog, “Unfortunately, this vote was more about emotion than anything else – and emotions aren’t helpful in making a clear-headed decision on how to vote. People wanted to send a message to the BOE about the administrative contracts, but they’ve already been signed and ratified, so the no vote effectively accomplishes nothing but forcing us to spend thousands of dollars on another referendum and perhaps cut programs.” Wrong, wrong, wrong again Mr. Cowgill. Again, more inaccuracies spread before and after the referendum to try to get it passed by its supporters

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????? Reply


GROTON—Superintendent of Schools Paul Kadri has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation connected to his past “interactions with and treatment of district employees,” according to a motion approved by the board of education Monday.
The motion, approved by unanimously at a special board meeting, bars Kadri from school grounds during the probe and also from contacting district employees or board members.
It also authorized the board chairman, with the district attorney, to hire an investigator.

The investigation could take several weeks, said Kirsten Hoyt, board chairwoman. She said that because the issue pertained to a personnel matter, she couldn’t elaborate on the cause of Kadri’s leave.

A veteran educator, Kadri has been head of the school district since 2008.
Mary Ann Butler, assistant superintendent of curriculum and education, has been named acting superintendent.
Under his contract with the school district, Kadri earns $167,475 annually.