“Agent Of The Board” Reply

So, at the end of the Region One Board Of Education meeting on June 4th I asked Phil Hart, Chair of the board, re: The Aeron Watson (Scott Fellows) letter, who was the attorney and who was the client in the attorney/client privilege claim made by the board and it’s attorney against Gale Toensing? I was told the client for the attorney was the board.

I then asked if because our superintendent was provided a copy of the letter from the attorney, did not that break the attorney/client privilege? I was told that our superintendent was an agent of the board. Well…if that is so, so is Gale Toensing being that she IS A BOARD MEMBER! So why was Gale denied access to the letter?  I guess I will ask that at the next board meeting.

Region One Board Of Education Meeting June 4 3

Well the Region One Board Of Education met tonight at H.V.R.H.S in the library. The full video will be posted on the CATV 6 YouTube

http://www.youtube.com/user/MMilesWHDD  page by tomorrow morning, and on air on CATV 6 by tomorrow evening. We will post a link here on http://regiononereport.wordpress.com   by tomorrow as well. Some highlights of the meeting n a nutshell:

1) The bids for the heating work on the renovation project came in, only ONE bid! And, it’s about $20,000.00 over

2) There appears to be a SURPLUS in the Region One Budget this year (right now it’s estimated at around $230,000.00) but they are awaiting a final figure by the end of June

3) The cafeteria budget is about $15,000.00 short for the year, money is needed for the science/Tech building for furniture, etc,  as Scooter Tedder said at his first meeting many months ago, the microscopes  at Housatonic need to be replaced, some were in use when Scooter and I went to Housatonic in 1971!

4) The  region is still waiting to see the bids for the “roof” project

5) A redacted Aereon Watson (Scott Fellows) letter from the board attorney to the board was released to the board and public

6) Various other items on the agenda. It was great to see so many people there, and lots of folks from Cornwall showed up! And there were many statements and questions from the public to the board!

7) Gale Toensing put forward many motions, I think three were actually accepted by the board, and some existing policy motions were defeated!?

At the conclusion of the meeting, I suggested (and asked Sam Herrick if it was legal, he said it was) to take the surplus money (whatever amount) and put it towards the overrun for the heating system, to put it towards furniture and supplies for the science center, to purchase NEW microscopes as was a suggestion from  Scooter Tedder many months ago. If any is left over, add it to the contingency fund for the roofing project, or purchase more iPads for the high school.

I wanted to suggest that Scott Fellows (Aeron Watson) be brought before the board in executive session for questions on his possible violation of school rules regarding internet usage, but never got a chance to put it before the board…oh well, there is always next meeting!

Some interesting information in the passage of the Region One Budget on the second vote… 2

Yes, the budget passes. But there is a definite trend..a look at the number reveals quite a bit…

1) The budget passed  because two towns voted heavily in favor (Salisbury 172-91) (Kent 74-18)

2) In the four other towns, the budget was defeated 298-254

3) Cornwall (the home of Region One chair Phil Hart) the budget passed by only 15 votes…the closest in over 10 years…

So, we now have the beginnings of an active, informed, interested taxpayer base that will grow over the next year. Attend more meetings, vote , participate in the process….we can make a difference, and we can be heard!



We know how tough it is to vote down a Region One Budget. And we know there are some that will say we are against education. Well that is poppycock.

Spend the money on programs, and teachers and support staff. The administration in Region One is adequately paid, and its good money, no, make that great money as well.

Let them get new contracts as they should, when their current contract expires!

GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!!!! As we write this there are under four hours to go in the referendum. EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Please make yours count today.

And thanks for the great response…remember, this is not a path that is quickly traveled.  So far we have a toe-hold, we are now  looking for a foot-hold, but, we have made great progress this year. It will be a long process to get our Board Of  Education and Administration to let us be the full partners we should be. We have only just begun.

From The Republican-American…Our administrative salary structure is MORE than adequate..VOTE NO! Reply

THOMASTON — The Board of Education at a special meet­ing Tuesday hired a new busi­ness manager.

Superintendent Lynda J. Mitchell said the board chose to hire Nancy O’Dea-Wyrick because of her broad experi­ence in both municipal govern­ment and managing school dis­trictsfinances. She will fill the position vacated by outgoing business manager Sue Laone, who is leaving to run the business office for Region 10 schools in Burlington.

O’Dea-Wyrick of Kent is a member of the Board of Finance there and has been business manager of school dis­tricts in Monore and Derby. She was most recently an interim business manager in a North Haven school district.

“She will be a great replace­ment for Sue,” Mitchell said. “She has an interesting balance between the whole community piece, leadership piece and edu­cation leadership piece.”

O’Dea-Wyrick, one of six can­didates who was seeking the job, will be paid an $80,000 annual salary and will oversee the school’s $14 million budget. Laone, who was business man­ager for seven years was paid a little more than $90,000 last year.

O’Dea-Wyrick, who also served two terms on the Kent Board of Selectmen and Board of Education, said that experi­ence will help her with her new job.

“I have got three perspec­tives beside the central office perspective,” she said. “I look forward to getting to know the people in the community and working with them.”

Region One activates ALL CALL again on budget vote tonight!!!!! 1

Seems strange to us that the Region One Administration only uses the “ALL CALL” system when it appears the budget vote is in doubt.  We have been informed by people tonight that the “ALL CALL” system is in use again tonight to get out the vote. Now, this would not be a bad idea, but why is it ONLY used by the administration when there appears to be a budget vote in doubt. Why not use it to get people out at the Board Of Education meetings?  Why not use it to get people out to budget hearings? Why? A simple answer…..when the administration contracts are in doubt, that is the time they use it.

There has been NO compromise by the administration, make your own “ALL CALL”  and “ALL EMAIL” and get your friends and neighbors to vote NO May 31. Lets bring the administration and the board back to the negotiating table!

Please read this letter from Judith Dixon, Town Attorney, Town of Canaan (Falls Village) on the lopsided contracts for Region One administrators Reply

Judy Dixon on Region One Contracts

(please click on link above for letter)

This letter explains all that needs to be said on the inappropriateness of the Region One Contracts for administrators. VOTE NO ON MAY (please click on link above for letter) 31 on the Region One Budget.