1. Why even bother to hold the meeting? Just vote the budget down (they really do not have a clue).

  2. I’ve received questions from people around the district asking what form, if any, public comment will take at the meeting next Tuesday. Now I can answer them because the agenda tells us exactly what the superintendent and her new chairman intend: They intend to stop people from commenting on the administrators and their three-year contract extensions with 2% raises each year. See point 3 on the agenda. They’ll try to say that those subjects are not part of the budget, but the taxpayers who voted down the budget — twice in one month — know that those subjects are at the very heart of the problem in Region 1, along with a Region 1 Board of Education that simply doesn’t work. Gagging the public about its dissatisfaction with the top two administrators will go over like a lead balloon and will help defeat the budget proposal — whatever it ends up being — for the third time.
    — Gale Courey Toensing

    • Just goes to show the board works for the superintendent…. she should resign and then the budget will pass.

      • Has any thought been given to boycott this meeting? Sounds as if they don’t want to hear from the taxpayers..

  3. Boycott is a good tactic but not in this case. The administration will likely get their supporters out — probably the same ones who “spontaneously” appear at Region 1 board meetings to read letters of praise and adoration for the superintendent — usually people that she supervises and does job evaluations on — no pressure there. So if the only people who show up are those who support the administrators and board majority they will use that to justify the status quo. We need to get as many or preferably MORE people to attend the meeting Tuesday than attended the public hearing in early May.
    — Gale Courey Toensing

  4. The only thing this agenda proves is the continued desire of Mr. Moore and Mr. Hart before him to protect the top administration at all costs, despite grave concerns about educational and general leadership skills. We deserve better. If the rest of the members of the Board had any guts they would demand that the public be allowed to express any concerns they have, period!

  5. Teachers and staff would never dare say anything negative or they would have another Lucille. The only person with their eyes open is Gale Toensing

    • think we should boycot the meeting and vote the budget down, quite clear from the agenda they do not want public input. it would be more powerful than you think.

  6. Questions: What does it matter to any of the board members if Mrs. Chamberlain is praised? Why are they trying to protect her so much? What do they gain from it?

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