The Falls Village Board of Finance will discuss how the Region 1 Board of Education has treated Falls Village’s representative to see whether legal steps should be taken Reply

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FALLS VILLAGE — Responding to a letter from member Louis Timolat, the Board of Finance will discuss how the Region 1 Board of Education has treated Falls Village’s representative to see whether legal steps should be taken.

Timolat, who was unable to attend Monday’s meeting of the board, wrote that he is concerned about the board’s conduct, “especially with regard to the pre-emption of the full and equal participa­tion of our representative Gale C. Toensing. I would be in favor of the cost of legal means to correct this unac­ceptable situation.”

In Timolat’s absence, First Selectman Patricia A. Mechare explained his posi­tion. She said he is concerned that the Region 1 chairman contacted the board’s attor­ney without the knowledge or consent of the other mem­bers.

Mechare said Timolat is also concerned that the board has conceded it is not abiding by its own policies and “when our representative asks for the policies to be abided by, she has been shut down. I think Louie is frustrated that her rights and the rights of her constituents are being compromised. He feels maybe you should move for­ward in a more formal way and is asking you to legally continue.”

Mechare said if the Board of Finance feels it is impor­tant and this behavior by the school board continues, a town meeting can be held to approve funding for that pur­pose.

Member Tom Grayson said after finance board members review the minutes of the Region 1 board meetings, they may want to compel the school board to comply with its own policies and proce­dures.
The finance board will discuss the issue at the August meeting after reviewing the Region 1 board minutes

As my mom used to say…just because Terry’s mom lets him do that does not mean you can do it!! 1

In England they drive on the other side of the road…..

In Germany there is no speed limit on parts of the Autobahn…

Not all fire trucks are red…..

Not everybody has to do everything like everybody else……

Just because other school districts do it, DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO…..


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It’s not about what goes on in Cheshire, or any place else…it’s about what goes on here!


Steve Hurley lost his appeal to the Region One Board today Reply

In the end…there was no second to a motion that would have rescinded the Region One Board of Educations decision not to renew Steve Hurley, denying him tenure. After almost 14 hours of testimony, questions and answers, Steve Hurley lost his job. The first night of the sessions can be viewed at  the following link…


The second session (today’s)with the boards decision will be posted by tomorrow afternoon, check back then.


It’s back to work for the Region One Board Of  Education tomorrow (Tuesday June 26) on the non-renewal case against Steve Hurley. The video of the first session is now closing in on 100 downloads on the CATV 6 YouTube page…even at a length of  over 5 1/2 hours!  Just two witnesses were called in the first session, more on the way for tomorrow.

This is a very interesting look at another side of our education system, and at the request of Steve Hurley, it is open for the public to see. It is in room 133 starting at 9:00 AM. Once again, CATV 6 cameras will record the session, and have it posted on the CATV 6 YouTube page by Wednesday afternoon (long sessions make for long rendering times!) It will also be shown on CATV 6 next week on Tuesday and Thursday.

If you have time, we urge you to attend this session, and see a side of  our education system, that you do not get to see often.


To access the CATV 6 YouTube page, just click on the link below

Headline: Register Citizen: WINSTED — With Monday night’s town meeting on the proposed 2012-13 budget looming on the horizon, Winsted’s public schools have come under fire from multiple directions. Selectman Ken Fracasso lobbed criticism towards the decision by the Board of Education to issue superintendent of schools Thomas Danehy a $16,000 raise in salary and benefits. On Wednesday, the Democratic Town Committee joined in the fray, inviting the Board of Education and Gilbert School Corporation to join the Board of Selectmen at an upcoming meeting. Reply

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So, it’s not just Region One residents that are concerned about administrative salaries as one particular BLOGGER has indicated in his rantings! And’s in the district where he works…and claims to know so much about!  Just more proof how out of touch he is with the communities that he lives in and the communities that surround him..