Mr. Hart’s numbers vs. the REAL numbers 2

From the Litchfield County Times:

Mr. Hart said that the ABC Committee’s work in developing the pay recommendations had been “solid.”
“I can speak for the thoroughness of it,” he said. “When 45 people come together and evaluate performance and say the superintendent is doing a fabulous job, it’s hard not to be in agreement with that.”
He said there is no way Region 1 can divorce itself from what is happening in other school districts, which pay their administrators higher wages. “We can’t ask them to sit here and not have an increase when it is all around us,” he said, adding, “I realize people beyond the school certainly have questions, but many feel our administration does an admirable job and should be compensated.”

Here is the REAL information found out about adjoining school districts in Connecticut as compared to Region One…..

Here is the real truth about salaries around Region 1:

Winchester Public Schools, Superintendent $135,480 (No assistant superintendent)  1,452 students

Region 6, Superintendent $162,000.00 1.035 students
Region 7, Superintendent $147,000.00 NO RAISE THIS YEAR (No assistant superintendent)   1,160 students
Torrington School District $142,500.00 NO RAISE THIS YEAR  4,349

Now, lets compare….the figure shows our pay is right in line with the adjoining regions without the increases.

Region One Patricia Chamberlain a 2 percent increase, a one-year contract extension to 2015, five more vacation days, amounting to 25 days total, and three more personal days, for a total of five. The proposal also continues to pay the annuity included in her salary. Her salary will be $160,407.  Around 1,000 students
Region One Assistant Superintendent Diane Goncalves will earn an additional 2 percent, bringing her salary to $135,502, a one-year contract extension to 2015 and a $2,500 annuity ( $138,002 total salary).

Our Assistant almost makes as much as Torrington’s and Region 7’s Superintendents!

Once again mis-information or, better yet, dis-information from our Region One Board Chair…



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  2. What about the public’s Right to Know?

    Phil Hart says,” Patricia Chamberlain is doing a fabulous job.” What is the basis for his version of a “fabulous job”? Are our students getting smarter because of her? Is she an inspiring leader to the principals, teachers and the staff members so that they all can do their jobs better? Or, is she an intelligent and prudent business administrator? Mr. Hart, what is your justification?

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