The Region One Report has learned that rumours of the Region One Administrators contracts already being signed is untrue. We spoke with Region One Business Manager Sam Herrick today, and he confirmed to us, after speaking to the Superintendent, that NO NEW CONTRACTS OR CONTRACT EXTENSIONS FOR THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE BEEN SIGNED..AS A MATTER OF FACT, NO NEW CONTRACTS ARE EVEN DRAFTED AS OF YET. So the reports of the contracts being signed in various blogs such as Terry Cowgill’s are incorrect, not accurate, and just plain wrong.  This is what Cowgill reported in his blog, “Unfortunately, this vote was more about emotion than anything else – and emotions aren’t helpful in making a clear-headed decision on how to vote. People wanted to send a message to the BOE about the administrative contracts, but they’ve already been signed and ratified, so the no vote effectively accomplishes nothing but forcing us to spend thousands of dollars on another referendum and perhaps cut programs.” Wrong, wrong, wrong again Mr. Cowgill. Again, more inaccuracies spread before and after the referendum to try to get it passed by its supporters


  1. I’m glad to hear that the information regarding the contract signing that appeared in Mr. Cowgill’s blog is inaccurate. That should be a lesson learned that before you state something as if it is fact that he/she should actually perform his/her due diligence and confirm what he/she is stating is accurate. I’m surprised that given Mr. Cowgill’s experience and background in these kinds of matters that he didn’t automatically do this. In checking this situation I found that these particular contracts cannot become effective until the PROPOSED spending plans for Region One are approved. In other words, what the citizenry voted on in the referendum is a proposal. It doesn’t become a budget until the referendum successfully approves the question. These contracts can indeed be on the table for discussion, modification and outright changes. Naturally, it is a negotiation process, which up to this point in time does not appear to have occurred. Mr. Cowgill was apparently under the misimpression that administrators’ contracts followed the same procedure as Region One’s certified and non-certified contracts. That is inaccurate as those contracts are governed by the collective bargaining laws and statutes of the State of Connecticut, while the administrative contracts are not. The Region One Board of Education has no authority to direct its chairman to sign these contracts, nor indeed the chairman does not have the authority to do so on his own without the knowledge and consent of the Board as up to this point the towns have not approved the allocation of those dollars. Once the referendum approves the question which includes the terms and conditions of the administrative contracts whether those terms appear in its current form or some other, than the proper procedure for the contract signing can begin.

  2. Mr Cowgill,

    I am a Region 1 employee and I cannot believe that you are trying to make voters feel bad about raises that were shot down in the Budget. If voters didn’t know is that there are phases for the Raises at issue, and NO they are not getting raises… And because we shot down the raises let’s take it out on the ones we are there for 1st, THE STUDENTS… This High School has been going downhill, because SOME teachers are not doing their jobs and the teachers who are doing their jobs unfortunately are in the mix. Have you taken a look at how much money we are paying to OUT place students who are going elsewhere. for an education, because these students don’t want to be in the mess that the school is in. So the answer is simple TAKE AWAY PROGRAMS from students so the higher ups can live comfortable. Look at our Test scores compared to the rest of the state. And to answer you and Mr. Flint, I was there for the reason there is a PingPank report and seen a lot of the things that went down so that was not a loss of money. Has Sailsbury Central ever recover the money that was taken from the students fund? I am a tax payer but not in Sailsbury but in a Region 1 Town. In my opinion I still say that Centeral Office should not be inside the High School but elsewhere. There is a School rep who will never get a fair shake because she is hard nose and wants answers. GREAT JOB VOTERS WHO VOTED THE BUDGET DOWN. WAY TO STAND OUR GROUND….
    An Employee and Region 1 taxpayer

  3. For Mr. Cowgill…your blog is still WRONG! read below please…

    Verb:Sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid.

    Formal consent has not been given, no contracts are even drafted! All that has happened is that the ABC sent it’s recommendation to the Region One Board, and Board accepted them. The board has NOT entered into new contracts with the administration, that is pending the approval of the budget.

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