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Dear Phil Hart,

I am in agreement with “Trust” as a goal.  I also think that “Trust” is a good value.  After I watched the videos of the retreat I began typing a memo to you that is a list of what I think are some values and goals that would be appropriate for the tree and branches of Region One.  In the first session when the Consultant asked Gale to suggest values and goals – Gale responded very brightly – “Trust and Transparency” – excellent.  If you get a moment – please watch it – it seemed to me that Patricia could not change the subject away from “Trust” quickly enough.  Laura’s moving the word “honesty” off of its own line and into “Citizenship” was worrisome.  No “Honesty” and no “Trust” for Region One – got it.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear you preach the importance of “trusting” each other at the BOE meeting on Monday evening September 10, 2012.  Trust is a major part of what is missing and what is needed to repair this Board because I certainly do not trust you or Pat or Laura or Jonathan or Scooter.  Even though it took Gale to bring you the thought, you still used it.

But – then I heard about your outrageous crazy rant at the Ag Fair in Cornwall on Saturday.  You made it clear to a trusted friend of yours how you hate Gale. You said she needed to be gotten rid of.  But you got pushed back hard by this man – one of the many with high regard for her.  I am amazed that you did not realize how large Gale’s base of support is. You must miss that kind of respect.  You had a bit of it before you partnered yourself with Patricia Chamberlain who is probably the least trusted Superintendent in the State.  It compares to what you tried to do to Gale in executive session last February.  There is not enough time in any of our lives for you to apologize enough to Gale and all the other women in the world that you have ever spoken to like that.  You lobbied against her then and you are still doing it now – and two days later preaching to us about “trusting one another” at the opening Board Meeting – you ridiculous hypocrite.

I can’t be the first one telling you but – everyone sees this – and you have set “Trust” back at least two years for our Board.  There is nothing I can do to help you except pray that more people like Gale and Marilyn get voted to our regions Boards of Education.

Why don’t you decide what it is time for you to do?  For now – stop your ridiculous songs about moving forward.  I think better of the students and teachers than to saddle them into the future with people like you and Patricia and Diane and Laura and Jonathan.  “Trust ” means nothing to any of you.
Why do you think our teachers want to continue working for anyone who uses a lawyer and lies to create the Teacher evaluations?  You and Pat and Diane and Matt have shown us that merit does not necessarily form an individuals evaluation.  We need you and at least Patricia Chamberlain and Diane Goncalves to go away so we can build what our Teachers and Students deserve now – “Trust”
Lawrence Van Valkenburgh

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