1. That’s interesting! Nothing against the person who is rumored to have been chosen, but what experience and connections to make the transition go smoothly in this position does this person have? I believe there is already someone on the teaching staff with the appropriate experience that could fill the bill, perhaps even two people. Wonder if any of those folks were ever approached. The opened question remains about how the two classes in the social studies department are being covered.

  2. The person selected as AD is an absolute gem, so no disrespect to her.

    But it’s more important to quickly select an AD and an IT Coordinator than it is an Assistant Principal? Seriously, Region One, your priorities are showing…

  3. So if the selection is official, who is the new AD? I don’t think that Board members have had the courtesy of being informed – at least my representative had heard nothing as of late this AM. Oh wait, my representative and Sharon’s often seem to be left out of the loop!

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