Simple Question, Simple Answer…No, It’s Not That Simple… 1

Simple question asked at last night Region One Board budget hearing…

Question to Mr. Moore(Region One Chair):

Why is it that the Region has a weighted vote on the board and not during a region wide budget vote…

Answer: I don’t know….

Answer: Region One has a weighted vote for representatives that is based on the number of students in that particular town in a given school year, the region was set up by an act of the Connecticut Legislature….

In an election in America…the rule…one person, one vote.

’nuff saidmoore

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  1. Perhaps Mr. Moore or even the superintendent, who one should expect to have the appropriate knowledge regarding such matters, should have replied that the weighted vote for decisions regarding the administration of the school is appropriate because it is based on the number of students from each town who attend and the town’s percentage of cost . However, once those decisions are made EVERY taxpayer in every town should have an equal vote on determining the cost of delivering these services.

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