Region One Report hears another letter is coming from the “Gang Of Five” (First Selectmen)…. 1

Reports from SEVERAL reliable people in Sharon, Salisbury, North Canaan and Kent to the Region One Report indicate that the First Selectmen in Region One are circulating a letter from First Selectman Bruce Adams of Kent on the budget situation in Region One. If true, one would hope it not a similar to  the limp, feeble letter of support that  was signed on to last year. If this is true, and the First Selectmen are as  short-sighted in this letter, as last year (well 5 of the 6 last year!), then I suggest the First Selectmen start to attend Region One Board meetings.

Why you may ask? Well in the last three and a half years I have been at almost every Board Of Education meeting, and you know what? The only First Selectmen I have seen is the Falls Village First Selectman. I found it sad that last year the First Selectmen could show such support when not a one of the five had attended ANY of the meetings. And, I can tell you folks, its been the same this year. Bruce Adams attended 1, yup, 1 budget hearing. Maybe its time the selectmen start to listen to the voters in their towns? Mr. Adams, your town has now voted down the budget three times in a row. Mr.  Loucks, your town has defeated the budget 4 times in a row, Mr. Rand, Salisbury has defeated it four times in a row, Falls village, well it is clear Pat knows where her town stands, and Cornwall is almost evenly divided after 4 votes.

If the letter is another wishy, washy, lets support the budget, and deal with the board later letter, FORGET IT. Lets look at the facts First Selectmen:

1) The Board Of Education sent the first budget to vote so sure it was going to be defeated, they scheduled a special session before the vote for right after the vote to discuss ways to pass the budget.

2) The third budget and the fourth budgets were exactly the same!! That means in four attempts, the Region knew it had three failures they were submitting.

3) The Board Chair claims it is ” the angry few”.  62% are not the “angry Few”, but the  “sick of the same B.S Sixty”!

So we hope this letter, first circulated from Kent, is a letter that calls for compromise from the board and administration. The public has spoken FOUR TIMES.

Remember when Bill Clinton ran for President the first time, the slogan  James Carville had coined as a campaign strategist of Bill Clinton’s” THE ECONOMY, STUPID!”

Well, here is a new slogan for the First Selectmen and the Region One Board…”Hey! It’s not the dollars and cents”.

Well, you are all forewarned, lets see if the First Selectmen will get involved to help settle this impasse with the board and administration, or if they will just create one more roadblock.

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  1. If the selectman are smart they will stay out of the whole mess could possibly come back around and bite them in their political end

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