1. Shame on you Curtis Rand. What were you thinking. No support or respect for the employees of the High School and Region One. We will remember this at the next election for Selectmen for Salisbury. Lawsuits, assault and battery obviously mean nothing to you. No morals and no ethics. Thank you, I now know who not to vote for next election.

  2. Is Gordon responsible for Cornwall? Are the Selectmen in the other towns single handedly responsible for the no votes in their towns? No, they’re not. The final result is because of the opinion of the voters, period. Blaming any one person for the vote results is ridiculous. Lets not turn this into something it’s not – it’s bad enough as it is!

    • Editor at Region One Reports responds! You are right! One person, one vote, but, the towns that had the MOST POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT did approve the budget. I wold not say that is a bad thing, just private individuals, who happen to be First Selectmen exercising their individual rights…but there is a certain power to the office…but by putting themselves out there publicly, you must take the consequences good or bad..believe me, I know that…

  3. The Selectman from Falls Village has been the most vocal of all. Using this rationale, she would be responsible for the Falls Village result. No way! The voters are voicing their opinions. It’s that simple. No need to make it into something else. We’ve got enough crap to deal with. (I voted no, just in case anyone thinks otherwise)

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