Terry Cowgill Gets It Wrong Again….and again…and again…. 5

A reader passed this along to me…Terry Cowgill gets it wrong again! Here is another misinformed Cowgill “tweet”….

Region 1 budget fails for the 5th time. Boring! Keep holding these votes at town halls. At $8k a pop, they’re fun monthly social gatherings.

— Terry Cowgill (@terrycowgill) August 21, 2013

Terry at $8,000 a pop that totals $40,000.00, the budge has been cut over $250,000 dollars…still a SAVINGS of over $210,000!!! But Terry never was good at math! terryc


  1. Wait a minute Marshall—you are wrong! Terry was an excellent math student. I should know, I was his seventh and eighth grade math teacher at Kent Center School, over four decades ago.

    But, the implication that these referenda are a waste of money is not true. The money spent of the referenda goes as wages to local residents, many of whom can use a few extra dollars—and when this is all over, we will be far better off because of all these votes.

    Ed Epstein

  2. I disagree. Those are still my tax payer dollars and were NOT meant to cover monthly referendums just because someone has a vandeta. That money was for the education of the kids in region one.
    Wages for locals. I have worked every one of these and the time put in and compensation are a bit apart. Not to mention those of us that have other jobs have to continually no do them or move our lives around the referendum. It has gotten very tiring.

  3. Because the majority who vote in a way you don’t like, it’s a vendetta? WOW! If your are a registrar of voters (don’t know if you are or not) that’s one of the things you signed up for and from what I understand you do get paid. If you’re not a registrar you do have a choice if you want to work at the referendum or not.

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