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From today’s Republican American…..

Parent vote cited as key to Region 1 passage



KENT — The solution to getting a budget passed in Region 1 is for parents to get out and vote in favor of it, ac­cording to Jonathan Moore, Kent’s appointed represen­tative and chairman of the Region 1 Board of Education20130529_175353. Moore suggested Thursday that members of the Kent Board of Education spread the word and encourage par­ents to vote Sept. 17 during the next referendum. The proposed budget, which now stands at $14.4 million, has been turned down five times since May. The fifth budget proposal was rejected by 144 votes.
Detailing what was done at the regional meeting Wednesday, Moore said $3,000 was reduced from the budget. “Do we have any reason to believe it is going to pass this time?” asked Kent board member Rob Ober.

Here are some disturbing “nuggets from Moore” (and our responses)……
Moore said he doesn’t be­lieve parents are voting.

At every meeting there has been representation from, taxpayers, parents, grandparents, students, business people, a wide cross-section of the public (he MUST be blind not to see this)….

“I don’t think the real stakeholders are voting,” he said. “I don’t believe parents are voting this budget down.”

“Nuff said. And this folks, is why we are at a stalemate….

 “They want to undue legally binding contracts. There’s no way to do that,” Moore said.
“A budget should be a reflection of a community’s values ” Moore stated. “By voting it down you’re saying you do not value education but that you value getting your own way more.”

Again, the chairman is way off base, right now, the public would settle for what the administrators did last year…cut one year off their new contract. (It was legal last year when they did it, and it would be legal this year if they did it. The dangerous thing about Mr. Moore’s comments….is that they are condescending, arrogant, and full of lies. His contempt for taxpayers, parents, grandparents, and most especially the students he claims to want to serve is astounding. Kent should replace him on the Regional Board immediately.


    • The way they move numbers around is creating exactly what they want..confusion. They add dollars, then “refinance” to save over $30,000.00, etc, etc…the old adage applies here…FIGURES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE.

  1. Mr. Moore is entitled to his own opinions; he does not seem to know the facts. Having worked at the polls in Kent for each of the Referenda, I have observed many parents and teachers voting as well as conscientious taxpayers who honor their duty and privilege to vote whenever they can.
    However, turnout in Kent has been about 7% of eligible voters, not counting those who are entitled as property owners to do so. I would observe that parents of elementary school age children might not feel they have “skin in the game” since the Kent Center School budget passed easily with the Town budget in May. Parents of high school students are….well, coping with teenagers and having trouble enough helping their child find a guidance counselor to sign a course change form or making ends meet with the family budget.

  2. Yes, Mr. Moore is entitled to his own opinions even if he doesn’t know the facts, even if he is rude and obnoxious toward members of the public at meetings, constantly interrupting them unless they speak in praise of the administrators, even if he can’t run a meeting without being prompted by the administers and even if he has no clue about the law and no qualms about putting his misinformed opinions about the law out into the public arena.
    But shouldn’t the region have higher expectations of the representatives to this very important policy-making board? Shouldn’t the town of Kent expect its representative to be at least perceived as someone who has verifiable facts and thinks before he speaks? Someone who doesn’t sign letters “respectively yours”?

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