Let me tell you the story of the Region One budget and the egg( a TRUE story) 1

While getting my haircut  today (Saturday) at Hilton Hunt in Millerton this conversation actually happened between Marshall Miles and a woman from Salisbury.


So, Marshall, did the budget pass last week?

I answered, no, it was defeated..it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

She then replied….

The Region One Board seems to be like a restaurant that just does not listen to its customers!

I would like a bagel and hash browns please but NO eggs. The order comes, and sure enough..a bagel, and a hard-boiled egg….

I said, NO eggs.

The order went back to the kitchen, and a few minutes later came back with, you guessed it, a bagel and scrambled eggs….

Again, I sent it back to the kitchen saying NO EGGS!

A few minutes later back comes the waitress with my order….A bagel and a cheese omelette!

Sound familiar? Just call the story The Region One Board and The Egg.eggs

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