Terry can’t “cut the mustard” as a journalist, so he just “cuts the cheese!” Reply

Some journalist! Some blogger..he can’t even get the facts correct….
Some of the latest  inaccuracies from Terry Cowgill

1) ” has been told by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting…”

No Terry, the ombudsman is independent of the C.P.B. His opinion is his own, and does NOT represent the C.P.B. Had Terry done any true investigating he would have seen that disclaimer right on the ombudsman’s site!
2) ” When Miles worked at WQQQ in the mid-to-late 1990s, he was fired by station owner Dennis Jackson…”

No again Terry…RESIGNED! Letter to Dennis and all,  and, by the way given a three-month payout by Dennis Jackson after I told him I was resigning expecting NO compensation.

3) ” He points to the current candidacy of WZBG’s Dale Jones for selectman in Sharon as evidence of the selectivity of our complaint. But WZBG is a commercial venture. So too was the old WQQQ, where Miles worked with Clayton….”

Wrong again Terry. Dale Jones need and got a waiver by his opposition this year. To the F.C.C. it does not matter whether you are on a non-profit or public station. As a matter of fact anyone who works at any station and is on-air in ANY way must get a waiver from opponents to be able to legally run for office without offering equal time.

Once again we see why Terry works at Gilbert School instead of journalism…he just did not have the talent to “cut the mustard”! maybe just enough to ” cut the cheese!”.

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