1. This press release does not properly reflect the process for selecting a superintendent. Just to be clear – the ABC Committee can call itself anything it likes, but this is a recommendation, period. The ABC Committee has no legal authority to employ the superintendent. The recommendation should go first to the Regional School District #1 Board of Education as it is this entity that is the sole employer of the superintendent. If this is approved by that Board, then each local Board will vote to determine if they would like the candidate to be their superintendent as well. Local boards are under no obligation to have the same superintendent as Regional School District #1, but it does make sense to appoint the same person. I hope that the Regional School District No. One Board of Education will consider changing the duties of the superintendent to include professional development and curriculum as after all Dr. Vogel was selected for that purpose and has made great strides in that area. An assistant superintendent could be responsible for most of whatever it may be that the current superintendent does, within limits.

  2. The comment above is completely false. As per the joint employment agreement, the ABC Committee is the superintendent’s employer not the Region 1 board.

    • Well no kidding! Congratulations to the ABC for their coup d’├ętat! This misguided bunch of power hungy minions have in the last three years spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in buy-outs to protect the superintendent, legal fees to protect the superintendent, and additional buy out packages to protect the superintendent..and lets not forget their hand over of cash to the former assistant superintendent. All money NOT spent on students or teaching aids. Now I hear from sources within Housatonic that we are about to possibly lose another principal! I am in the process of tracking down conformation on that story that came to me yesterday from within the high school….my message to the ABC…becareful what you wish for….

  3. I would say that you and your fellow thinkers are the ones costing the district money. All the items you cite have their genesis in your group’s actions. And you know it. The problem is the focus in Region 1 is on adult agendas and not educating students. The decision on the new superintendent was based on what is best for students; and you and your fellow thinkers just can’t stand that.

    • Yeah we were the ones that caused the lawsuit against the superintendent for abusing her employee that was settled out of court to save the fact that testimony would be made in open court, yes we were the ones who actually hired an assistant superintendent that so beat down the system that she set up the ABC to buy her out with a lawsuit she would’ve never won, yes we were the ones who instead of watching the school crumble down so there were no locker rooms over the years no sinks in the science lab all that that’s was our fault as well. The problem with the ABC and the board over the past several years as that they’ve been more concerned about the superintendent then they have the students. so keep trying to pass the buck but people have figured this out long ago. By the results of the last budget vote your grade is darn near an F

      • Please don’t call yourself a reporter. You are a disgrace to the profession, both on this joke of a blog and your NPR station. Also you are also the smallest minded NPR station in the country and a disgrace to public broadcasting.

      • Wow….where do I start..I do believe I call my self region one reporter, because a someone who reports here on the region one blog..that is accurate! If you took to read the “about” section of this blog, you will see that explained quite clearly..so here it what that section says about me….” Marshall is not a media reporter or commentator on this blog, and these opinions and observations will are solely those of Marshall Miles, an alumnus and long-term supporter (and for many years parent!) in Region One. These opinions and observations do not, and are not intended to, represent any of the companies that Marshall is connected to or affiliated with, i.e. WHDD AM/FM, WBSL-FM, Robin Hood Radio. com, CATV 6, robinhoodradiotv, Tri-State Public Communications, Inc., or any of the underwriters, management, or employees of these companies.” Now that explains a lot. It is obvious you either can not read, or have low comprehension abilities. And I am not a reporter on Robin Hood Radio either. And as far as Robin Hood radio being a disgrace..well all this small little radio station has done in 7 years is help raise almost $350,000.00 dollars to feed families with the Sunday In The Country Food Drive, save The Bargain barn in Sharon from closing after 50 years of service to the community…and more. So I am quite comfortable about the virtues of Robin Hood Radio, and the respect it has from the bulk of area residents. Oh, just to let you know that the entire HVRHS Building committee has invited me up to interview them on the proposal vote that is coming up in June, it appears they know the value of Robin Hood Radio. And your opinion on Robin Hood Radio does not seem to jive with the opinions of the following media professionals:

        Marshall Miles one of the 50 most influential persons in Litchfield County

        The New York Times

        The Litchfield County Times

        Oh, and by-the-way:

        Honorary FFA Degree from Pine Plains FFA
        Citizen Of The Year, Millerton, NY
        Sharon, CT Volunteer Of The Year

        Just a few of the reasons I feel comfortable about who I am, what I do, and my appreciation and love for my home town and surrounding area. Oh and by the way this joke of a blog has had over 200,000 individual hits on stories in its 5 year existence….not bad for a joke of a blog.

      • The first is baloney and of course settlements work both ways. Second, who was it the suit was filed against? I forget, maybe you remember. The building committee has diligently worked on the school. But we cannot fix everything at once. Even you can’t be that dense.

      • The suit was filed agains a FORMER BOE member..not a current one, and she wanted to go to trail, but just like in the case of the superintendent, the ABC did not want people to give sworn testimony..hell that way they might have to tell the truth..so taxpayers and students got screwed….the sinks and the showers did not just go bad, they have been bad for years, but in the last project..the Region One offices got AC! Yeah..the administration got AC and the students don’t even have a proper place to shower. Use your own Stoneforge BS to push your views…you wish you had the 200,000 visits I have…you are done here (and yes I do know its you John Mauer)

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