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  1. Do the other schools and the high school know how well this meeting was held and it’s content? I am an outsider listening, watching an array of complaints , things like the way the teacher presented her class studies would help in some of the high school studies special when she said were would you use this in real world application. Her program is were you’ll see the largest progress in this new learning ways, because they are being premed for it now. Miss carter saying she will come back with findings from the high school for Sharon shows your concerns in preparing the students for high school. The gentleman who looked into what Danbury and other schools are doing in tech is the big thing last week in the news for industry;ROBOTICS and that should be apart of main stream studies for the math wizards to the students that love to work with their hands, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the talk on cutting edge for office to industry,,,,people it is ready to take center stage. Super idea, and great forecasting work on his side. If people knew this isn’t just a High School change of course they need to know and hear from teachers that found new ways that are working. Just a thought; Perhaps all teachers need to assemble in the largest auditorium , LISTEN to success story’s, learn from each other, and NO conversing with students, or parents on their on going meeting towards a successful change in the educational ways. Other than things are progressing towards better education for all. It’s hard , we understand, as it is hard for some teachers,,,but I believe thru the weening process the biggest Percentage of change and expectancy will be 3 and 4 years as the 7 & 8 th graders come into their senior year. They aren’t machines so we can’t step up the speed or change the gear ratios. Humans learning curves on change is a learning process.
    High School Students, Parents , you also should have time in assembly to listen from the grade school teachers that are changing with successful results. Misery loves company,, Positive train of thought leads to Success. I believe the public needs to experience that board meeting and understand they are being heard, and administration does care, and there are success stories, and members are thinking ahead. Proof is in the pudding!!!!

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