1. Ian and Jose are great people and Jose ,,,,you deserve a good retirement. Ian would be a great Principal specially after hearing him speak at the 133 meeting to the Parents on the grading system half way thru the year. Very Direct, explain everything to the point, made it understandable the first time. I’ve never heard him speak before and with that, that IS what could fulfill, your needs in a new Principal. I wish all the things you are looking for in the High School was the same for North Canaan. her history of unfavorable job in New Fairfield from such a large majority of Parents, Teachers & students was overwhelming. With a quarter of the year only to go,,,,,,RED FLAGS are loud and clear of that ship running aground. I hope she heard your voice of recommendations for the High School, because North Canann needs that of the same. I know the attitude of the 7 & 8 graders that they couldn’t wait to get to the High School because it was always so much easier. RoseMary always did a good job when my concerns were needed. I listen to kids when they talk,,,,,they usually don’t lie when talking to their friends,,,,,,,and they weren’t. I hope your recommendations were heard LOUD and CLEAR.

  2. After watching both the North Canaan and Falls Village (Canaan) BOE meetings, I can’t help but feel that the Central Office hierarchy’s objective is to eliminate, or at the very least minimize, the uniqueness and individuality of our elementary schools. In the cases of North Canaan and Falls Village, these two institutions are distinctly different and each’s autonomy has resulted in a proven track record of academic success. Each school has, through the years, developed as a reflection of community values and beliefs. North Canaan has followed a more Essentialist education track while Falls Village has chosen a more Progressive rout in educational philosophy. I would encourage both schools to continue in their education endeavors and avoid, at all costs, the Regional Helter Skelter sprint towards the latest progressive fads.

  3. And your VIEW of the future with what was just hired? How would you impose upon the new to accomplish real True progress in academics? What time frame do you give her to perform? Students have time frames. Teachers have time frames to get their students up to par. Why are their limitations on performances with Reviews for keeping a job in the rest of the world? Were in a contract or why doesn’t a contract have a clause ; If NYP your contract expires? You must be a person of the system Anonymous;
    so please lay some ground rules that you also are judged on. This isn’t for me,,,,,,this is for the students.

  4. Superintendent and North Canaan Board of Education both promote the drug testing of students?
    … The public should demand the drug testing of superintendents and boards of ed.

  5. Drug testing should be Mandontory for every person in our schools,,,,,everyone…As Mr. Ellington said it shows confidence, and caring. As a leader I would want to show just that. I am clean!!! that goes from superintendent right down to custodians. If anyone, and I mean anyone refuses it, they are GONE!!!! As stated, what better way for a leader to stand there in front of a class and say ,,See I passed and I took it with Pride!!! About time!!!!! Mandatory and at random …….How great to say,,Our school passed,,,everyone passed!!! No discrimination,,,,,,It is for everyone!!!!!! Take Mikes lead and just do it!!! Again I’ll say,,,,,,,,It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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