1. Has a “C” now become the new gentlemen’s “D?”
    Perhaps these new policies should have been practiced on cadavers before being unleashed on the students of Region One. What is the deal with all these wacky progressive educators worshipping at the alter of Finland? It is an ineffective lilly white Scandanavian entity that asks, “how high?” when Vlad Putin says,”jump.”
    Are Guskey’s classes the ones John Calipari’s basketball players sign up for when all of the University’s basket weaving classes are full?
    Will anyone come to the engine room and pull the break before it is too late to prevent more casualties on Dr. Vogel’s impending train derailment?

  2. REALLY,,,,,just what the heck kind of drugs are these administrators on? Chicago???/And just what was the subject of study? Drive by, concealment, squeeze,,,????? Europe,,,hey,,, we , you, are in Connecticut one of 50 States. Bring in the Dean of U-Conn,,,Yale, Penn. State, Bring some private High Schools from just this area and see how they produce so many Scholars. Go,,, god forbid bring in West Point, or the Air Force Academy , Hey,,,I hear we in Connecticut have the Coast Guard Academy, Lets see what they are looking for. After all , you what top shelf education, lets take it from the most successful way of doing structural, orderly forms of governing from our leaders that give the rights to choose education, and also to vote out the lesser minded people trying to change, and hold back the good teachers that want to teach. How much did the tax payers pay this clown? You could have had Colleges most likely come here for nothing and tell the people, teachers, and students just what they want form applicants, and this is what we want are exceptes to strive for. Anything coming out of Chicago lately have been community leaders that can’t put together a sentence without ahh, daa, umm , or their in a police cruiser, or ambulance. You want to talk about schools in Philly,,,,,,Mr. and audience look up the Susquehanna Six, and see what they are doing. Maybe the public should ask them to come talk to everyone including students, to see success, and what it takes, and what they demand!!! Is there a Drano can open above the school? Because it sure is going down the drain. The only thing positive that is being ATTEMPTED is trying to get back to parents with answers. Wonder how the are going to word the answers that real means,,,,we’re still going to do what we want. Bye, Bye, American Pie. Oh,,,your guest didn’t tell you of the suicide rate or the drunken teenagers in the Scandinavian Country’s now did he?? Buffalo,,,, it’s time the heard derails this train bound to NOWHERE.

  3. A read for all; GREAT SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS, MOST SCHOOLS USE A SYSTEM AS COLLEGES “POINTS” (4) THEY ARE ADDING 2 MORE TO MAKE IT 6. PERHAPS THIS IS MORE UNDERSTANDING AS OUR STUDENTS HEAD OUT FOR COLLEGES. Oh, buy the way. this is used in the UNITED STATES in most schools today. New Milford has their own system also. I’m not of a big Government person,,,,My mind is thinking when does a mandate come into operations that is standard everywhere special with so many people transferring jobs from state to state? And don’t tell me we all need our own way,,,,,Children are smart people, it is what they are raised with during the times of womb time to 6 years of age were they learn the most and set them on course of what they will be. Challenge them, and they will STRIVE!!!

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