1. 15 SECONDS INTO THIS : 1: Idiot your secretaries said you do not speak to the public; You are now. 2 You show a very poor deminsration of being prepared. First impression,,,,,LASTING IMPRESSION. Evaluation; minus 4.

  2. you know,,,I commend the board for reaching out. A forward progression. Board think about this; Your questions should not have taken a person from CABE to come and fumble around. You should be asking yourself’s all these and more, and maybe be listening to 1 or 2 of your own members. You know,,,,,,My money is on several things you hold in your hands. 1. The Principal, 2. the Teachers, 3 the Paraprofessionals. LISTEN to them!!!!! and my money is on, letting them do what they do best, TEACH on their own empowerment, and you will boost the moral, set structure, set order, and produce success. Your department heads I am sure have resumes qualifying them for Principal. So,,,,,their interest and ability is on par, aligned with success. You have a Principal qualified as Professor and has thought at community college. Give him the moral enthusiasm, and watch them all fly.

  3. I am coming back to this site after reading serval others. Can you please tell me how in the heck can a school system be so darn wishy-washy, confused, un-orderly?
    Ms. Vogel, since you a Superintendent, CEO at this time. I plead with you to listen, pounder, converse amongst your BOARD, and other Principals. There is no need to go out and spend money on this other than the participants must spend their own money, and all those mentioned before MUST particapate. Buy spending their own money they will take more ownership. This a mandontory exercise that will call for leadership, fellowship,comrades with a mission of the same. You have a fellow team member,a Principal in Sharon School. She could teacher everyone how to listen, why, follow orders and drills, create a bound, just not with each other but with HORSES. Will will learn, how to groom, earn respect from the animal, become part of the animal. Find out putting in the wrong command, you will get the command you gave the horse. You will find your competing against each other but you will be cheering each other on. Who needs a commercial boot camp when you could learn some very simple exercises right from one of your very own. All this can be carried over to your students. Use empathy, remember what it felt like when you struggled to learn, how hard it was to bound . Remember the rewards of accomphishment. Are you afraid of a horse. Don’t be, your starting off with what is also known as RESPECT. People , I don’t know anyone who leaves after serval classes with less knowledge of a learning experience. Pass it on,,,your students will love your new found attitude.

    NO REGIONAL MONEY FOR ANYONE. Everyone must take ownership. As you know, when you buy into something,,,,you own it and are responsible for it.

    Mrs Manning; Bring back your take charge actions with your fellow colleagues. Teach them of new heights they can test themselves and I’m sure it will boost your moral.

    Canter On!!

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