This graph shows why the “NEW” “CONCESSION” “EXTENSION” CONTRACT PROPOSAL is worse than the last one just defeated, and should be defeated again Reply

A quick look at the latest “concession by the administrators shows that the administration still receives a NEW contract in year one of their current, in place and fully legal three-year contract, and, because, if ratified by a yes vote,  it will go into place  this year. That means next year, despite what the board of education is telling you of changing the system, the administration will be entering the final year of their “NEW” “EXTENDED” two-year contract, and will again, be able to negotiate another contract. Stop all the game playing with your tax dollars THIS YEAR! Tell the board NO again, until they advise the administration to honor  their THREE YEAR contracts they signed LAST YEAR.

Our economy, in the state it is in, is no time for the administration to be so selfish, that while everyone else is just hanging on by their fingernails, that the administration of Region One should get to throw away a  in-place, legal contract that still has two more years to run. The administration claims  it’s about educating the kids, Phil Hart ( Chair of the Region One Board of Education) said at the last board meeting ” if we have been doing this wrong, then we have been doing it wrong for several years”. Well guess what?

If it were about the kids, the administration would honor the last two years of the current, legal, in-place contract, and Mr. Hart, this is a fine time to correct past mistakes, and have the administration honor their contracts. Please click on the graph below to enlarge.

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