Region One Report Exclusive: POWERSCHOOL IMPLEMENTATION GETS AN “F” at year end 6

Region One Report has learned from many parents at the end of the school year that NO TRANSCRIPTS will be available for graduating students or their parents for at least a month….it seems their is a problem that has to be worked out. This system, operating at many schools with success, seems to be problematic for Housatonic, and for the region right now. Even after a year of school, its obvious big problems remain. We have heard other horror stories, but, until confirmed, will not post about them for now. But parents and students have come forward to contact us and explain their transcript problems. Once again, it’s not the program that has faults, it obviously is the implementation. And that is what worries us about the iPads, not the technology, the administrative implementation, it seems as there is no solid plan for teachers or students. Will the same happen with iPads that has happened with Powerschool?


The Superintendent Knows that the ABC Committee is Only Advisory Reply

The Superintendent Knows that the ABC Committee is Only Advisory —
But She Uses It to make End Runs around the Board’s Authority

First, here are the Region One Board minutes from September 28, 2005

In the discussion of examples of tasks and charges to the Region One Board,
Superintendent Chamberlain stated that “authority” cannot be delegated to another
committee, but “tasks” can be delegated.
The insurance coverage for Region One
Schools was an example of an issue that was of a concern for all seven schools and the
results of the recommendation from the RSC to the Region One Board was engaging an
insurance consulting firm to come in and analyze the schools’ needs/costs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
A special meeting of the Region One Board of Education and R S C was held on
Wednesday, September 28,2005, at 6:00 p.rn. in the HVRHS Library. A quorum was
present: Vice Chairman, Judge Manning, Sharon; Jane Sadowski, Kent; Susan
Warner, North Canaan; Philip Hart, Cornwall; Virginia Kruger, Salisbury; Margaret
Ruotolo, Falls Village. Present from RSC: Roger Rawlings, Salisbury; Barbara Gold,
Cornwall; Kent Allyn, Falls Village. Karren Garrity, Kent and Martha Scott, North
Canaan were absent.
Also present were: Patricia Chamberlain, Superintendent; Thomas P. Gaisford,
Assistant Superintendent; Samuel J. Herrick, Business Manager; Theresa Terry,
Director of Pupil Services. Two candidates for Region One BOE were also present:
Gale Toensing, Falls Village, and Vivian Nasiatka, Salisbury.
Mr. Manning called the meeting to order at 6 :00 p.m. There was no public comment.
The packets distributed to those in attendance had included, Region One Board’s 7000
Policy Series, Public Act 405 (Legislative).
Superintendent Chamberlain gave a power point presentation on the RSSC (Regional
School Services Center/Central Office). She then had all in attendance form a team to
answer five (50) questions, using the materials is their packets:
What is the purpose of RSC?
What are the responsibilities of RSC?
What is the RSC relationship to the Region One Board?
Questions you have generated: Concerns? General Comments .
What is ADM?
The consensus of the group: “What is the purpose of RSC?” was “advisory
committee to the Region One Board”
. “What are the responsibilities of RSC?” were
Evaluation of the superintendent, establish superintendent salary, personnel
recommendations, receive disburse grants, policies that govern RSSC, present annual
RSSC budget, receive requests for new programs or withdrawal from programs. “What
is the RSC relationship to the Region One Board?” the consensus was “advisory”
“What is ADM?” Average Daily Membership.

By Gale Courey Toensing

Yes, the Region 1 Board of Ed has the statutory responsibility and authority to act on all issues regarding Region 1, that is, the high school, pupil services and the Regional School Services Center (aka “central office”). That responsibility and authority it CANNOT be delegated — and the superintendent knows it.

The attached minutes above are from 2006 when the ABC Committee was still called the RSC–Regional Schools Committee. The minutes are from a joint meeting of the board and committee — and the superintendent clearly says that the board’s authority cannot be delegated and the ABC/RSC committee is strictly ADVISORY. Furthermore, she clearly states that “tasks” can be delegated to the ABC Committee — meaning the Region 1 board IF IT CHOOSES may ask the committee to do something — but the committee does not automatically get to weigh in on all board decisions.

So what changed to the point that the superintendent and her unconditional board majority supporters — board chairman Jonathan Moore from Kent and representatives former chairman Phil Hart from Cornwall and Laura Freund from North Canaan — now continue to spew foolishness about the ABC Committee’s alleged power? Around four and a half years a ago a few board members, myself included, began to question the actions of the superintendent and her assistant. When the Pingpank Report was issued, concern about the top two administrators began to spread to the public throughout the district. That’s when the superintendent and her assistant began to cultivate the support of the ABC Committee, particularly the chairs from North Canaan and Cornwall, in order to create a buffer between herself and those on the board who were asking questions — and she also cultivated the board majority to back up the committee. The public needs to ask these questions: What do the chairs from North Canaan and Cornwall get in return for their undying “loyalty” to the superintendent, which allows her to call them out any time she needs them to attend meetings and read letters of praise for her or condemnation for board members who seek accountability from her, or have them write logically questionable and bizarrely written letters of support to local newspaper. How does she get the board chairman Jonathan Moore from Kent and representatives Phil Hart from Cornwall and Laura Freund from North Canaan to unconditionally support her? What do the four of them talk about when they allegedly hold what would be illegal meetings before board meetings and decide who will make what motions and how they will vote?

But the main point of this posting is to show that the superintendent knew in 2006 that the ABC/RSC is an ADVISORY committee that can only make recommendations to the Region 1 board and the board can’t delegate its authority, even if the majority wants to. She knew that in 2006, so either she’s forgotten in which case she may be unfit to carry out her duties as superintendent or she’s lying to the public and making an end run around the board’s authority when she empowers the ABC Committee as she did recently by asking it to act on a board motion to reopen the administrators’ contracts. It’s time for the superintendent and especially the chairman of the Region 1 Board of Ed — who churns out supercilious nonsense about the ABC Committee representing “the autonomy of the towns and it’s backed up by six special acts and two statutes” — to stop the foolishness. Watch the video at to see all this play out.

Letter to the Editor–from Ed Epstein 9

To the Editor of the Litchfield County Times:

Next Tuesday, June 25, I will vote against the Region One budget for the third straight time.

My views on specific budget items have been well publicized. But I am voting against the budget again because it is the only way I can keep advocating for a change in leadership in our Central Office Administration.

I believe the Pingpank Report, released in late 2010, to be over 95% accurate. Jeffrey Pingpank has been a well-known, well-respected Connecticut education attorney for over twenty five years.

I feel the abuses outlined in that report continue to this day in the schools of Region One. Despite pleas to the contrary, that report has never been addressed in detail in public.

I have the highest regard for David Bayersdorfer, Lucille Paige, and Choo Singer. From my perspective, their statements are factual, and they should be recognized for their courage and honesty.

I am appalled that the Housatonic Valley Regional High School Faculty Association has not said a word about teacher reductions. I attribute this to a bond between the Association leaders and the Central Office leadership, forged during the Pingpank era.

The morale in the elementary schools of Region One is poor. It will not improve until our leadership changes. I realize the All Boards Committee and the majority of the Region One Board has worked hard , and truly believe they are doing the correct things. BUT THE PUBLIC DOES NOT BELIEVE THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR SCHOOLS. Students, former students, parents, teachers, retired teachers, substitute teachers, and residents have a better understanding of the school system than the Boards do.

Region One employees live in fear of retribution. They talk privately but are hesitant to speak out in public. They are also hesitant to come to public meetings.

Perhaps the Boards and the Administration feel that eventually the budget will pass. It is up to the voting public to ensure that doesn’t happen until major leadership changes are made.

Please vote on Tuesday, June 25, from 12-8 pm.

Ed Epstein

Termination of a Superintendent (interesting, very interesting). Reply

From a Cornwall resident….

Termination of Superintendent

In what is one of, if not the first decision of its type in Connecticut, an independent hearing officer has ruled that the Groton Board of Education had grounds to terminate Paul Kadri its Superintendent of Schools.
As in most districts, Kadri was under contract which provided for grounds for termination similar to those found in the Teacher Tenured Act, including “other due and sufficient cause.” It also provided that the Board would conduct a hearing before termination. Kadri, however, through his counsel raised concerns regarding alleged predetermination on the part of certain board members. Out of an abundance of caution, the Board agreed to place the decision in the hands of an independent arbitrator, Mr. Timothy Bornstein, which decision the Parties agreed, would be final and binding.
In a decision issued March 4, Mr. Bornstein ruled that due to mistreatment of staff, including numerous physical and verbal assaults, the Groton Board of Education had just cause to terminate his employment.

If your employer ( Region One ) asks you a direct question, and you ignore it, could that be considered grounds for termination? Reply

If your employer ( Region One ) asks you a direct question, and you ignore it, could that be considered grounds for termination?
Interesting question..let us look at the contract between Patricia Chamberlain and the Region One Board Of education, the section on
“termination of agreement”. See document below.


See part 8, section C….part 2 This section seems to give the board some authority after Patricia ignoredpchamstand (1) a simple request from the Board Of Education.

Who is the ultimate supervisor of Patricia Chamberlain? Well we think this document attached answers that! 1

Take a look at these documents….they are between the Region One Board Of Education (herin after referred to as “Board”), no where is the A.B.C. mentioned….and the document is signed by Phil Hart, on behalf of the Region One Board Of education. Again the A.B.C. is not mentioned anywhere in the legal signatures.

Nowhere in any legal terms is the A.B.C. mentioned. When Patricia is asked a question by the board..she must answer as they are her direct employer.

supers contract5-40e30876ba

Here is one reason alone to defeat the Region One Budget again…. 1

You can watch the video for conformation…


This exchange between Marylin Yerks of Sharon (Sharon borad member) and Board Chair Jonathan Moore

“There were four things discussed at the workshops [held last week],” said Sharon representative to the board Marilyn Yerks. “We made no changes to the budget reflective of those topics.”

“We didn’t have to,” responded board chairman Jonathan Moore of Kent.


Kingston (N.Y.) school board extends Superintendent Paul Padalino’s contract one year with no salary increase. Anyone listening ( A.B.C. Region One Board)? Reply

Kingston school board extends Superintendent Paul Padalino’s contract one year with no salary increase

School district trustees on Wednesday gave Superintendent Paul Padalino a one-year contract extension without a raise to his $179,500 annual salary.
The agreement was approved during a Board of Education meeting during which officials said the pact is now set to expire on June 30, 2106.
“We’re very satisfied,” board President Matthew McCoy said.
“He has done a lot of work in the last year and a half to close three buildings, to redistrict, to move middle school kids, moved elementary to the middle school,” he said. “It’s exciting stuff that he’s done and the board is totally in support and we want to see his vision of our district with him as the leader moving forward.” Padalino was hired in Nov. 16, 2011 at $179,500 and began working for the district six weeks later, replacing Gerard Gretzinger, whose annual salary was $203,000.