Who is the ultimate supervisor of Patricia Chamberlain? Well we think this document attached answers that! 1

Take a look at these documents….they are between the Region One Board Of Education (herin after referred to as “Board”), no where is the A.B.C. mentioned….and the document is signed by Phil Hart, on behalf of the Region One Board Of education. Again the A.B.C. is not mentioned anywhere in the legal signatures.

Nowhere in any legal terms is the A.B.C. mentioned. When Patricia is asked a question by the board..she must answer as they are her direct employer.

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  1. Let’s face it, the majority of the Region One Board of Education and apparently the local Board of Education chairs have no interest in making the top two “Central Office” administrators accountable for anything they say and/or do and short of being on losing end of the recently filed suit against the superintendent, I doubt they ever will. Even then, I have no confidence accountability will kick in. What further proof needs to exist than the completely non-biased “Pinkpank Report” of 2010 which all the Boards shoved under the rug?

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