$25,686.13 ( a partial cost of the poor handling of this matter by the Region One Administration) Reply

From the Saturday edition of the Republican-American

The Kent Board of Education did not reveal its plans Thursday after losing a residency appeal by the Bishop family in August.
Board Chairman Paul Cortese did reveal that the board spent $25,686.13 on the investigation, attorney fees, as well as court and filing fees on the case.
Aden Bishop’s residency was disputed and the Kent Board of Education decided to investigate during the 2012-13 school year whether the Bish­op family was considered a resident of the town. An investigation was done and the superintendent informed the family it had been determined they did not live in Kent full-time and therefore need­ed to pay tuition for the past four years of school­ing. A hearing was held in June and an impartial board, appointed by the Kent Board of education also decided the Bishops were not residents.
Barbara Bishop appealed the decision to the state Board of Education and the board upheld the appeal Aug. 23 and reversed the original deci­sion.
After meeting in executive session Thursday evening, the board decided that it would be “studying the decision and seeking counsel’s ad­vice.” Cortese said that he alone would discuss the case with the board’s attorney and not the full board. 

Who was right or who was wrong is not the point here. The point, well just look at the case  Region One spent thousands of dollars on, and look (by clicking on the link below) at the Bishop’s case. Another example of poor administration and the “flushing” of over $25,000 dollars down the proverbial drain.


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