Are you kidding me? A.B.C. does a drastic Flip/Flop! WE SAY NO TO BUYOUTS! Unless the A.B.C. has $750,000.00 in a hidden account. Reply

Lets highlight some quotes from the A.B.C. Meeting!!!  From a story in this mornings Republican-American

Buyout talk in Region 1
Board member wants administrative changes considered

SHARON — Rumblings about the idea of possible buyouts for Region 1 central office administrators have been heard throughout the district as the struggle to pass a budget has gone on unsuccessfully since May. For the first time the concept was voiced publicly during a meeting of the All Board Chairmen Committee Tuesday.

Meeting at Sharon Center School before the result of Tuesday’s vote was known, the committee heard Brian D. Bartram, Salisbury Central School Board of Education, broach the subject at the end of the session. He said if the budget didn’t receive approval, he would like to see the committee pursue the prospect. Saying that while he wasn’t in favor of such a move, he thought the matter should at least be studied as to what costs would be involved, how the process would work and the implementation of a replacement schedule.

The district, which covers Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Salisbury and Sharon, has been in a state of turmoil with the continuous rejection of a 2013-14 spending plan for Housatonic Valley Regional High School, the Pupil Services Department and the central office. This week’s referendum saw a defeat by a vote of 203, with Salisbury the only one of the six towns to vote in favor of the $14.5 million proposal.

One of the sticking points to the budget’s passage has been the awarding of three-year contracts to the superintendent and assistant superintendent along with 2 percent raises for each of those three years.

Bartram said in talking to Business Manager Samuel Herrick, if Assistant Superintendent Diane Goncalves were to be replaced in January, there would have to be an additional $75,000 put into this year’s budget. To replace Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain, the sum of $87,000 would have to be appropriated. If such a procedure were to occur, it could be done either both at the same time or staggered.

“I’m not in favor of this, but on the sixth budget vote, we have to head in that direction,” said Bartram, adding such a step just might turn voters around. “If we have a plan in place, people may be satisfied. I

Our response:
Brian, just have the Superintendent and her assistant cut the last year off their contract (like they did last year) and the budget will FLY THRU.

Chamberlain recommended members work with their attorney because of the complex nature of the negotiations. Chamberlain made no comments on the idea of buyouts or if she would accept any proposal.

Our Response:
Uh, Pat,  A.B.C. is a committee, they have NO authority to spend money, they MUST ASK THE REGION ONE BOARD.

“Maybe we’ll get rid of some anger, which is so pervasive,” said Chairman Dolores Perotti of Canaan.

Our response to Mrs. Perotti:
Again, Mrs. Perotti is out-of-touch with the public. Watch the videos of the board meetings, there is not anger, just outrage that the A.B.C and  three members of the board and the A.B.C. Committee are so disconnected from the public.

Let me state again: NO BUYOUT! Just do what you did last year, ( drop the last year of the new contract) and then let the new board be elected, and take over. This is no time to spend $750,000.00 to buy out contracts of the lead administrators..that money is bestabsurdities spent directly on our students.

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