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Hello. I’m Marshall Miles. I am running for Region One Board of Education Representative from Salisbury as an independent petitioning candidate. There are many reasons why I seek to represent you on the board; most importantly, to give voice to students, teachers, and you the taxpayers. We must represent taxpayers’ concerns by bringing back transparency and open communication. This can be achieved by: Holding forums for residents in advance of regular meetings to solicit input; and creating an interactive website and Facebook page with video content of meetings, agendas, minutes and feedback links that enable residents to directly contact their representative. These steps will facilitate interaction between residents and the board.

We also need to regain trust and confidence in the board and bring back accountability to reinforce the board’s mission which is to demonstrate leadership in providing the best education for students. The status quo is no longer acceptable.

The first motion I will make as your Region One representative will be to notify the All Boards Chairmen that the Region One Board will not accept a recommendation from ABC in the future for a new contract or extension of an existing contract to either the present Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent. It is time to take a major distraction off the board’s and public’s plate and get on with running the district with educational goals in mind…not their contracts or employment status.

From my first day as Region One representative from Salisbury, I pledge to hold at  least one open forum a month at a convenient  Salisbury location one to two weeks prior to regular Region One Board meetings. The purpose will be to allow residents, taxpayers, students, teachers and Region One employees to have an open discussion in the hope of raising concerns or questions to add to the upcoming board meeting agenda.

1175397_1380782892155678_653783434_nAbout Marshall:

Marshall is a 1971 graduate of Housatonic Valley Regional High School. Marshall, a highly regarded communications entrepreneur, entered his 43rd year in broadcasting in 2013. He is co-founder, along with Jill Goodman, of Robin Hood Radio, the smallest NPR station in the nation (located in Sharon, CT). Robin Hood Radio has grown from an internet only station to a broadcast group that now operates three broadcast facilities. Marshall has been named one of Litchfield County’s 50 most influential people by Litchfield Magazine, and honored as Citizen of the Year by both the Sharon Lions Club and Millerton Lions Club. Marshall resides on Factory Street in Salisbury with his two dogs…LJ and Georgia and cats Bauer, Jessie, Clyde and Genghis. Marshall’s other cats, AM and FM reside at the studios of Robin Hood Radio in Sharon.

Please Remember to Vote November 5th.

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