Connect the dots…… Reply

So, I noticed today that two of my election signs were missing! This after a day in which I received a ripped up mailer with no return address!

Well, not one to let this go unnoticed, out in search of my signs did I go. And, I found one removed and placed flat on the ground about 20 feet from where it was set up, so I talked to the homeowner again, and went and re-set the sign.

On the other side of town the sign was just GONE! Well, again, I am not one to take this lightly! So I called the D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation).

I asked if they had a sign of mine, and I was told yes! They thought it was to close to state property even though I had the landowners permission. I then asked if anyone had filed a complaint, and if so, was the complainant Jeff Lloyd? And guess what? The response was “yes, how did you know that?”!! No answer needed for that question.

I researched to see if Mr. Lloyd had ever filed a complaint before…the answer came back, no.

So why this year? Well, the only answer I have is for you to CONNECT THE DOTS….MILES BANNER 

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