1. Great meeting and good for the students to go to Hartford. As the Parkland students showed just how great the future people are going to be. The High School also has some great speakers also that should be heard. I listened to the meeting with the President and Chris Murphy did a great job. Elizebeth Esty could have been a bit more aggressive. Plans for change can be immediate for all the many if not 100% were on board for change. Many things to be added but we need something now to get the ball rolling. As stated about the NRA students,,,They should have their say also. To be sure someone is a expert in this subject, I believe a State Trooper or NRA Instructor should lead the forum. Though we have many, many young people that hunt with their fathers, and on their own I do not beleive this is a easy subject to tackle. There are enough adults out there that think they know about long guns and hand guns but are not Experts. You had a State Trooper at the school one night give a talk on “ACTIVE SHOOTER to the fire departments and first responders. This Trooper was elite in his field, and I could not see anyone other than he to address this. On the DRUG problem; there was a time that the TROOPERS were going to bring in the dogs at night after the custodians were gone to do a sweep of the lockers and areas, and check ceiling tiles. This was about 5 years ago. Nothing was done. WHY?? No one has the need to know when this takes place. No one needs to know so maybe staff or even a teacher has warning to remove the problem. We all know there is a problem and it isn’t just our school but even the Private schools..My thoughts; You can not fix the problem if you don’t address the problem. Talk is cheap,,drugs and violence are actions that need to be stopped.
    I was not impressed with the NRA President on his manors of speech. I am in agreement with President Trump, I am in agreement with what Chris Murphy said in the meeting with the President. I am for the 2nd amendment. I am for, safety has not limits, and better laws are needed through-out the Nation. I am a NRA member.

    With Teachers retiring I hope a lot of the money saved will be put into better security and making sure procedures that are in place, will be enforced. Time always seems to retreat back to the old ways, and relaxed atmospheres worm their way back.

    A teacher from Middletown and his father and wife teach there said on the radio, their school has done away with the old way of grading. People have a hard time adjusting to change. He also said it is working, and many teachers have grown to like it.

  2. Would like to thank the cameraman for politely addressing, during public comment, what I see as questionable motives for this new move towards, “consent agenda.”
    The Regional Board seemed to railroad through a new glorified custodial position at $90,000.00/yr without discussion at their last meeting. At least their increase to the tax base was made after a chance for public comment.
    Will Salisbury’s stealth maneuver be pushed through prior to any chance for public comment?
    While they claim the purpose of this new tactic is to save time on less important matters, this policy clearly holds potential for the sidestepping and ignoring of important discussion.

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