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For the second year in a row, the teachers’ association cast a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Alicia Roy.

Amy Johnson, vice president of the New Fairfield Education Association, said in a Thursday school board meeting that the association stands behind last year’s vote, when 70 percent of teachers voted no confidence in Roy.

I just want you to know teachers feel their voices are still not being heard,” Johnson said. “It’s a top-down style of management, and we would really like to see a new road ahead of us.

“I’m just speaking for all of us and the way people are feeling,” Johnson said. “We hope that you consider what we’re saying.”



  1. Dr. Roy should take some of the pressure off of Dr. Vogel.
    God save the students and faculty of North Canaan.
    … And this women was the North Canaan Board of Education’s unanimous selection? Can not imagine what the candidates they turned down were like. Perhaps “Google” is not available in North Canaan?
    Before we carelessly continue our misguided sprint towards standards based grading, our Region really needs to put a basic vetting system in place.
    Does Dr. Roy fulfill all our Region’s new painstakingly crafted principal job description categories?
    Were it not for the detrimental impact on our students, this never ending soap opera would be very entertaining.

  2. And they say poo does flow up hill. New Fairfield has the right and they exercise it. North Canaan, opens it’s doors and like a vacuum sucks it right up the hills thru the Valley’s. 1 year later looky looky were she finds birds of the feather flocking together. Region One only knows how to use Google when it is to their advantage.

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