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The students in Region One don’t get a re-do. Their education process should not be a “work in process” as it has been described. There should not be flaws and unforeseen difficulties. Had a well thought out plan existed, the chaos we are all experiencing would not exist.
Here is an excerpt from the Board Chairman’s letter to the editor on April 25th.
“Will all of the flaws in the implementation of the new practices be fixed immediately? Probably not. Changes of this magnitude are only made with a few revisions and adaptations for previously unforeseen circumstances.” Really? And that’s OK???? It shouldn’t be.
Sign the petition today – ask for the system to be removed. Take the time to create a proper plan, gain support from the teachers and the parents – and create a system that best teaches our kids. The kids deserve a real education.
Here is the link to the petition.

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