Editorial in this weeks Lakeville Journal…buy it, distribute it, let people see it! Reply

Here is this weeks editorial in The Lakeville Journal….everyone in the school district should buy the paper, read the editorial, tell your friends and neighbors to buy it, then save it for November, bring it out, and vote for change!

But before November, be sure and vote NO Tuesday June 25, let’s get the biggest voter turn out yet so the administration, The Regional Board of Education, the A.B.C., and the local boards know we mean business. And let Irene Hurlburt in Cornwall know, the responsibility for the cost of the additional two votes on the budget rests on the shoulders of a board of education that will NOT listen to the public, and keeps trying to “RAM” their vision of a budget down taxpayers throats.

Click on the picture, and then click again to enlarge to make it easier to read….


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