New hires at Region One must be entered in pencil, so they can be erased when they change their mind….. 4

Mayhem! Hmmm, this info just came to the attention of  the editorial desk at Region One Report: mayhem-allstateChristine Nunes, the guidance Counselor that was hired to replace Steve Hurley is reportedly  leaving due to “finding a job closer to home”.  According to information, Ms. Nunes was popular with the students.  Sources at the high school tell Region One Report her downfall  in the Guidance Department was that Ms. Nunes was outspoken at meetings questioning the proposals of  her supervisors as to the treatment of students and their remedies to student problems.


  1. One of my daughters was counseled by Ms. Nunes. She had nothing but praise for her job performance; unlike the outspoken opinion on others. As she put it, “Ms. Nunes would hunt you down if she needed to talk with you.”

    NOW we know that the attitude of the Region 1 Board is more widespread. Say what you want, just do not disagree with the accepted orthodoxy.

  2. When in the world is the majority of this obtuse Board of Education going to get it? If there is an opportunity, especially for younger teachers, to get out of here, it appears that they do it in a heartbeat! For more senior, established teachers, it’s much harder as many truly like what they are doing, have a a real connection with the school, other senior teachers and of course the students. They have been here long before the current regime when the top RSSC administration actually cared about educational standards and our kids before themselves. It’s understandable that few of those folks will speak out given their long tenure and the desire not to have the last number of years before retirement be fraught with tension and possible retaliation Even when the RSSC administration “arranged” for those high school teachers who were part of the staff reduction to obtain a position at a district elementary school all of them, apparently, continued to look after the contract signing and all have subsequently resigned and taken positions elsewhere. But, there isn’t a problem! Good Lord!

  3. Considering the administration feared Mr. Hurley as being somewhat of a free thinker, it’s not surprising she left. She was probably advised her contract was not going to be renewed the following year due to the administration’s “holding staff to higher standards” as they said at Mr Hurley’s hearing. Their higher standards apparently include taking orders without question and supporting administration in all of their faulty decisions.

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