North Canaan, meet your new Principal 5

At it’s meeting March 8, 2018, the North Canaan Board Of Education hired a new principal:  Alicia Roy, Superintendent of Schools in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Roy’s salary is $130,000 a year with health insurance paid %100, and the contract also includes life insurance. See links below on stories on Alicia Roy:




  1. Did not one Board member use Google?


    If you are really lucky she’ll bring her magical stick.


    If they think they will hire her and slide her into the super position get ready for your district to go straight to the bottom.

    • Perhaps psychoanalyis screening should be required for prospective principals, superintendents, and board of education members. Magical sticks?!?!
      …. Region One Truth once again stranger than fiction.

  2. Last month Dr. Vogel hired the truth impaired accused child molester to enlighten us on the genius of her grading system. Now she is bringing in a fellow traveler exiled from New Fairfield to support her hoakie initiatives.
    Can not wait to see her next move in the name of advancing education in the Northwest corner.

  3. I just googled her name!!! First hit was Dr. Roy’s January 2018 $2 million dollar budget request increase over last year’s New Fairfield spending!!! A nearly 5% increase!!! North Canaan is already providing her with a $15,000 raise over that of her impeccable predesessor!!! What the @#!!%! Is North Canaan thinking!!!

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