1. Like Ms. Harrington stated in public comment, there were many of us who were told we would be able to address the New England accreditation team. Only a select vetted few seem to have been chosen.
    With regards to this Board’s new, more “open” public comment, none of the thoughtful concerns presented at last month’s meeting found their way to this month’s agenda.
    My NYP frustration echoes those repeatedly presented in public comment. This grading system only seems to have become more confusingly diluted. My student is buried in NYPs that date back to the first marking period. Like Ms. Harrington we have also made calls to the school and had meetings- with no resolution.
    The “chain of command” has repeatedly ignored my concerns. From teacher, to administrator, to Central Office, to Board of Ed- I feel my concerns have been repeatedly brushed aside.
    Is trying to contact this accreditation team the next step?

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