Highly Irregular Practices For This Years Budget 1

The Region 1 Budget Timeline
April 5-Public hearing to present 18-19 budget, approved by the Region 1 BOE.
The community is alerted to a $491,000 excess in unused funds.
May 3-A new revised budget is announced. There is a $1 change in the 18-19 High School budget that is not reflected on the bottom line.

There are also funds added in the estimated revenue summary that are not reflected in the revenue detail for the 17-18 FY on all 3 sections(High School, Pupil Services and RSSC). 

Note that NEASC had a 0 on the budget line for 16-17 but $20,825 was spent that year. For what? $12,000 was budgeted in the 17-18 budget(they were at the school in March) but the estimated expense is now at $18981. Almost $40,000 for accreditation when they told us they budgeted high at $12,000. 

The pictures below show changes in the current 17-18 budget.

One is the changes from the 17-18 budget (dated 4/6/17) compared to the 17-18 column on the 18-19 proposed budget(dated 3/20/18) compared to the same column on the 18-19 revised budget(released to public on May 3).

The other is the changes in the Expected expenditures column for the current 17-18 budget to the Expected expenditures in the revised version. 

These are highly irregular practices in the real world. 
Please VOTE NO at the referendum on Tuesday, May 8!

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  1. Do you realize how many of those have to be broken down and why some of them even EXIST? Brake down that Pension, Maintenance General, customer service, Tuition Outplacement, Speakers, LEGAL FEES (we screw up that much??) Whooooo, to many exist that need brake down. IT”S OUR MONEY AND JUST WERE IS IT ALL GOING, and who ROBBED Peter to pay PAUL??? Brake-Down NEEDED!!!
    Does anyone think we should be paying for a consultant after the fact to make excuses for a failing system? You want a consultant now?? Your stockholders should be retracting your contract. Maybe , for the lost of an real educational year,YOU (personally) should be paying for the students next year as a make-up year at HOTCHKISS or SALISBURY Schools, with the Boards Personal expenses for approving it with out research. People in New Fairfield are wondering what is wrong with these people??? RESTRUCTURING OF THE TOP 2 AND THE BOARD IS WITHOUT A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VOTE NO!!

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