1. Super you want power over the kids and parents and teachers???Tell your Board chairman to get his act together and dress with respect. His freedom of expression spells SLOB!!! Good representation for the school… Decussating!!!

  2. OK people; what has changed over any amount of years with any board working with you??? They don’t work with you! Not’a one thing. Do you know why? Do you know how they are trained with CABE? Just what are they afraid of and the Supers, of any public gathering? Think about it,,,and I mean really!!!! Just like anything people want to take control. They want to take the control away from the real people that pay the salaries to the Supers and Assistant supers. The Board isn’t payed, but they are thought from CABE ( their little Skull and Bones Society ) to feel empowered. Make the public feel belittled. But wait,,,who pays the salaries of the so called leaders of what they say are here for the best interest of the students? The huge numbers of the public and even those that don’t have children in school. NUMBERS,,,they are afraid of the numbers that CAN and should put a halt to the misguided representatives occupying those seats. So what does CABE really teacher them? Well confront them and they will lie like a rug. They are thought to politely ignore you. Respond; then ignore you? And just file that in the mental circular file. Look at the pass history, what cheerful face ever followed thru and did something? People ,,,,, you are being played by a SOCIETY of really NOTHINGS<<<>>>all while the students suffer and the rich get richer on your $$$$$$. And if they say this isn’t true,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AS YOU KNOW,,,,,,,,,,,”THEY ARE THE INNY LIARS!!!!”
    ABALISH , BUY OUT THE 2 UPPER AGITATORS, and hire a LEARNING MANGAMENT COMPANY to regroup, destructor, and put on a steady path to education,,,,,then look to put back a really system. Have a Business/EDUCATIONAL company straighten this out. Start with a one year contract,,,,just like you are evaluated at work and if not doing a above expectational job,,,,start looking for a replacement. That puts a fire under their seating area and have something to work for.
    Or,,,start looking into private schools. They do have many different programs for local area students.
    Makes me think why Betsy Devos hasn’t been looking into PUBLIC SCHOOLS so hard and trying to change them. No wonder she said Private Schools and charter schools are the way to go. Teachers,IT ISN”T YOU>>>>IT”S CABE!!!!! They are hurting you and playing with you . Everyone look,,, don’t they do their raises before everyone and what’s left over they funnel down the line??? The Boards in each town have a couple darn good people. Again don’t you see it, a couple is the minority. Dig deep, dig hard, hold your ground, and bury them! Time to knock 95% of them off their self proclaimed pedestals.

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