Region One Board Meeting June 3, 2013 a quick take…. 1

Here is our observation of the Region One Board Meeting from Monday, June 3…

1) Over Two hours long

2) Phil Hart resigns as Board Chair, the mantle is handed over to Board Co-Chair Moore (see attachment in next post that shows Hart knew of legal action against the district but did not inform his fellow board members, for that alone, he should resign from the board).

3) Lots of public comments chastising the board for various reasons

4) A letter read into the record by Sharon Representative Yerks from Sharon Resident Karen Dignacco
chastising the board for not getting the “proper” information out to the public on the budget and its
benefits to the region. (Dignacco’s letter went on to imply that information from the newspapers, and radio station
do not reflect the budget accurately. This was an interesting letter, because if the newspapers and radio station do not represent the budget accurately, how does Karen Dignacco get her budget information? In the 4 1/2 years we have been going to board meetings (Region 1), we have NEVER SEEN KAREN AT ANY MEETING, NOT ANY BUDGET WORKSHOPS NO MEETINGS AT ALL.) And by the way, ALL REGION ONE BOE MEETINGS ARE AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC UNEDITED, UNCUT on the CATV 6 YouTube page available thru

5) In classic board fashion a rambling, disjointed conversation for almost 40 minutes on where and how to hold budget meetings. This conversation had a motion made, then rescinded, then came up with two dates…They agreed one workshop, 7:30 p.m. June 11 at the high school.
The board will then convene at 4:30 p.m. June 17 to come up with a proposal, which would go before the public at a June 25 referendum.

The full video will be poDYSFUNCTIONAL_EXECUTIVE_WATCHposted here and on the CATV 6 YouTube page later this afternoon or evening

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